What Cost?

I just ran across a website where the terms changed. It was you buy the book, access the book on line for free. Now it’s create an account, and we will bill you after 30 days for your subscription. The problem is, I don’t know how much it cost hence, while I wouldn’t mind joining, I’m not going to subscribe to something where the cost is hidden. At least I couldn’t find it, and I looked. Continue reading “What Cost?”

Taking the Plunge

Well I made the decision today to take the plunge into creating an online store. So what’s the big deal you ask. Well for me it’s kinda of a big thing. Call it my age or just being an old fart, it’s a new experience for me. Not selling, shoot that’s old hat, but the online store, that’s something new and different. Continue reading “Taking the Plunge”


It is amazing how fast time flies, especially when you get older. It was only yesterday when I was 21, full of life and hopes, and dreams. I often wondered where I would be when I turned 50. Well I found out and now I’m still wondering if I will be around when I turn 70. Continue reading “Time”