Luck and Dreams

Here are some thoughts about luck:

  • Luck is nothing more than perseverance.
  • He who is lucky works their ass off!
  • Persistence is the sacrifice the universe demands if success is to be realized.

Here is a simple thought about Dreams:

The power of a dream can move mountains and change the course of mighty rivers. Dreams can build man up or tear him down. It can create great wealth or destroy nations. The power of a dream is neutral, but not so the individual who yields it.



The heat plays havoc with the old body and that makes working a somewhat irritating issue. It’s hard to concentrate when the heat is sapping the strength out of your body making the old brain cells sluggish and non-responsive.

But then I think about our troops located in the desert of the middle east. And I’m complaining about a little heat? Not cool on my part. Our men and women have it much, much worse.

The main issue is the havoc they encounter can be life and death. So, yeah I gotta a little heat, but I don’t have a bullet pointed at me. At least not these days.