The Progressive Trash Heap

It has been a while since I made a Quick Blog entry. Part of it is my fault, part of it not. The part not my fault is when my family and I came down with Covid. That was not planned nor wanted, but happened anyway. I do not recommended it.

But that is now past and there is no reason to keep me from updating these blogs, both this one and the main one. So here I am.

Much has happened these last several weeks, occurrences which provide hope for us and despair for progressives. Progressive, what a strange name they call themselves for the people involved in this movement are anything but progressive. They are not even regressive, rather they are wanna-be dictators. But they are not even that instead these people are morons living in a make-believe world of their own creation. A world which does not exist in reality but only in their deluded mind.

Like all dictators these “progressives” give themselves too much credit and like all dictators, at some point, they will find themselves dumped upon the trash heap of losers. It is only a matter of time before reality catches up with them.

This reality, also known as Karma, will not be kind to these people for unlike the evil of the past our technology will find these malevolent characters and root them out for all to see. Be they billionaires, actors, police, doctors, scientist, people, there will be no hiding, no refuge, no forgiveness. Whatever their fate may be, it will not be kind.

And should they escape justice in this life, they cannot escape it in the next. Accountability will be forth coming in one way or another.

I say all that to say this: Which side of the ledger do you want to be known for? You and I will fall on one side or the other. I work to make myself fall on the side of liberty and freedom for the alternative is repulsive to me and when I meet Divine Providence in the next dimension, I want to say, I defended liberty and freedom to the best of my ability.