Da’ Themes

I like this 2017 WordPress theme as it is sleek and stylish. Unfortunately it does not provide all the items found in previous themes. The most important, for me, being background images. This theme does not allow me to do what I want, how I want, not easily anyway.

I’m not going to change the theme in this Quick Blog but I can’t use it in the Main Blog. Too bad. I’m not crazy about the 2015 theme as I don’t like the layout, but I may end up using it.

Currently, for the Main Blog I’m using the 2012 theme with some 2011 elements thrown in.  However that theme is getting outdated and I need to shake that blog up… quite a bit. So I’m working on it. What will happen I do not know… yet. I have ideas, concepts, but the final decision is still in the works.

In the meanwhile I’m still experimenting with this 2017 theme and I know that someday I will have it just the way I want it. Probably about the time the 2018 theme hits the streets. Go figure.

At any rate I’m venting but that is what the Quick Blog is for, which is why I have it.