Time, Time, and Time Again

It has been over a year since I made my last quick blog update. I knew it had been awhile but a year… Time does fly.

A lot has happened since my last entry, most good, some bad including the loss of our cat, Layla. She got so sick and bad I had to put her down a year ago this month June. Still she lived a long life, almost 20 years. But our daughter called her home, to be with her. We lost Ana five years ago this May and she let us keep Layla for another four.  Layla was her cat so this animal was very special to all of us.

But a year has passed and many good things have happened, as we have been very blessed by Divine Providence.

Changes are coming to this blog, the main blog, and the website if I can get off my ass and get to work. I have a lot of plans in work I just need to implement them. The hardest part is getting started.

At any rate at least I got a quick blog done, now what I need to do is spread the word.