Not in the Plan

I don’t mind changes when the changes really make the experience better. But sometimes the people who make the changes never think things through, they never consider the details.

I spent, and spend, a lot of time considering how to change this blog and even more time on the main blog and main website. I knew I needed a change, to shake things up a bit, but I also knew that dropping information was not good, making radical changes was even worse. So I chose a good theme for the Quick Blog and a new theme for the Main Blog.

Granted the jury is still out on the Main Blog, because that unit is being considered for a bigger purpose. Tweaks will have to be made and the entire theme may be scrapped, but all the information is still there and can be easily accessed. Plus I want to add more data when I have all the details worked out both on paper and in my mind. Not until.

So why am I talking about this? I just got off You Tube and they did something really, really stupid. They changed their layout without thinking things through. Having brains was not in the plan.

Many of the features You Tube use to have are no longer available. Simple things are missing which I know they left out on purpose. Leaving good elements out of something on purpose is just plain ignorant and shows just how out of touch the designers are with their audience.

This change just happened because I was on You Tube just a few nights ago, maybe this last Monday (28 Aug 2017) and everything worked. But now this change, a worthless change, a horrible change. Yeah, the designers never thought this thing through, IF they even considered thinking.

Now it is possible they left these elements out by accident, but I doubt it. How do I know this? Because the most glaring element they left out was the “Turn-Off Autoplay” button. Yeah, no way to turn off the next video from playing. That had to be done on purpose. However I have the suspicion this change-up is going to come back and bite You Tube where it hurts the most: In the wallet.

To create change just for the sake of change is not recommended. Yes things get stale, I understand that, which is why I changed my blogs up. And if done right change can be very beneficial for all concerned. Yet I have seen too many times when a change occurred that made the situation worse. I would even dare to guess that a bad change cost the company a fortune. This being money that did not have to be lost if only artificial deadlines were ignored and the changes were well thought out.

I sent You Tube feed back but knowing the arrogance of the these snowflakes my complaints will fall on deaf years. But on the bright side it does open up the possibility of a competitor. Any takers.