Time Off

There comes a time when everyone needs time off, a vacation if you will. However sometimes life won’t allow such a luxury. And with today’s economic environment it is extremely hard to justify the cost of taking a vacation. And I sure don’t want to stay in the house.

It irritates me that today’s political environment forces one into a little box of the political making. Freedom is lost, slavery begins. Slavery for the masses. Too bad people believe more in government handouts than freedom and the Constitution.



I will be glad to get back to work tomorrow and get a break. These honey-do projects can really take it out of you. But they are done. To be honest I should have taken care of this last year but other issues got in the way. And the fact I didn’t want to trim the blasted tree. BUT IT IS DONE AND OVER WITH!

Lesson? At some point things have to get done, and some of those things can be down right painful. Better to get them over with earlier rather than later.

Anyone got any aspirin?


More Changes

After a lot of thought I downloaded and applied the 2011 theme to this blog. I’m running 2011 on the other two blogs (my main blog and the in-work technical writing blog) so I figured I might as well keep them all together.

2013 had some nice features but there were some areas I just didn’t like the way it handled. At any rate I am going to tweak this a little over the next few days and see how it responds.



I gave the 2013 WordPress theme a shot and discovered I did not like it. Hence I reverted back to the 2012 theme. At least this theme doesn’t have the issues that 2013 irked me with.

In my humble opinion I think the 2011 theme was the best theme of all. It was simple, easy to use and had a lot of features I really liked. Yes it was limited in some ways, but over all it was a great theme.


A Little Depressed

Our son was home for a week and today he had to go back to work. We won’t see him for at least two months so his mother and I became a little depressed. Unlike our girls who live within 10 miles of us at the most, our son is the baby of the family and of course it is hard to let go.

Which surprised us because the last time he left we didn’t feel depressed. But for some reason today we did. So we went for a walk. Below is one of the trails we walk.

The Lonely Trail

The walk helped because we visited our friend Robert. I’ll talk about Robert later in another post but for now let us just say he’s peaceful.

Our son drives an 18-wheeler these days so the job takes him all over the country. He enjoys the work, he’s single with no ties to hold him back, and he lives in the truck when he is on the road. It’s a good thing he has his mother’s common sense…

Well tomorrow is a another work day so time to wrap this up for tonight. Still I’m a little sad.



I had to contact InMotion support this morning because of an issue I was having with WordPress. InMotion is my hosting provider with whom I have been very happy with :-).

 At least I was. During our chat my support member left, leaving me with more questions without answers :-(. That did not please me at all. The chat restarted with me number something in the queue but I could not wait as another task was demanding my attention.

After about an hour, when the other task (honey-do project) was complete I checked my email. I got an email from the support guy apologizing for getting disconnected. He also sent me additional information about what happened and the way my day has been going I had no choice but to take it in stride and put the issue into perspective.

At any rate I’m a happy, happy camper again and InMotion is back as my favorite web host.

Things happen and if we go off all mad when something goes wrong we only hurt ourselves in the long run. What happened during our chat was beyond anyone’s control as the electrons went on strike (those pesky electrons, just like unions).

InMotion goes beyond what they are suppose to do and works hard to keep the client satisfied. It’s not always possible but I have to give them an A+ for effort. The most valuable lesson I learned this morning was things happen, life happens, and not everything goes as planned.

Live with it. Thoughts anyone?


Lack of Information

It has currently come to my attention that several of life’s elements lacks critical data. For example I went to looking for basic information concerning a checklist which would help me get all my facts together should I drop dead tomorrow. It’s a simple thing what elements should I take care of today so the family will have all the data at their fingertips.

Well… I only found two checklist which is of any value. Both have good data but both are different as well. Now there are tons of sites concerning natural disasters and what one should do, but not a personal “I just dropped dead” type of checklist. Guess I’m going to have to work on that.

The second element is my pool cleaner. I can’t find parts for it and even the manufacturer doesn’t admit it owns the bloody thing! What is up with that. A good swimming pool cleaner but give me a break, where can I find repair parts? A simple question, but no answers.

Frustrating as all get out, but onward and forward.


Hello World!

WELCOME! This is my Quick Blog and this post is the first of many mini blogs to come. For it is here I am going to create and write down my random thoughts of the day to share with one and all. Ain’t that a kick in the browser.

Everyday I have several thoughts about politics, life, family, the social net, the world in general. Many of these thoughts are just simple sentences or a couple of paragraphs which don’t warrant a complete blog entry but are still important enough to share.

The thoughts are random and many will be without rhyme or reason. Some may be long entries but I suspect most will be short, sweet, and to the point… or not.

I hope you enjoy the entries and don’t be bashful about sharing them.