The Update Saga

Now that I’m getting serious(?) about these blogs I guess it is time to give you an update of my progress.

For awhile I considered getting rid of my desktop version of GPMCC but the more I thought about it the more I disliked that idea. When doing some brainstorming, and search for the WordPress theme which would fill my needs, I came across a theme which intrigued me. It was created by SuperbThemes and I liked it. A lot.

The more I used the free theme the more I began to see the potential of it. In fact I liked it so much I bought it. Which I never intended to do. The purchased opened up a lot of potential which I never considered before.

The more I used the theme(s) the more options I began to see. A question arose: Can I use the theme to replace my desktop version of GPMCC? The answer was yes, yes I could.

Another question/possibility arose: Do I actually need to replace my desktop version? I began to look at the issues facing me. They are:

    1. ┬áThe desktop version does not allow scaling for small screens, i.e. cell phones and tablets. A necessary item in today’s world.
    2.  Search engines bypass my desktop version because I am limited to only a desktop environment.
    3. My messages/post/opinions are being hampered by lack of visibility by the public.
    4. The loss of a desktop version is more emotional than practical. But it is a very big emotion.

Looking at the situation I came to the conclusion I don’t I need to eliminate my desktop version at all. I need the flexibility of scalability so why not create two versions of GPMCC. The desktop edition and the mobile edition.

True this is double work but for me it is worth it. The mobile version would not have any post assigned to it, as that detail will be linked out to my post sites, i.e. the Quick Blog and the Main Blog. The mobile version would be static only and contain many of the elements the desktop version has. Maybe not all but many.

That is one, the main reason I purchased SuperbThemes. I like the look and feel of them, also the ability and versatility of them. For me it became a win-win effort.

Now there are some challenges as I need to create a website to rival the desktop and find a way to make it come up easily on a small screen. This is a learning curve I am engaged in now.

The main purpose of the website is the Politics of Self-Improvement. I let that element slip away from me and that is all my fault. I have a lot to say, a lot of opinions about a variety of topics and I want, need, to speak up.

The website, GPMCC, is my tool to make that happen.