The Update

My last post was in February this year, 2022. Covid had done a number on me and I was still feeling the effects. For a couple of weeks covid was not a fun item to be around. And at my age I had to be careful, very careful.

So the main website suffered, the blogs suffered, and I got lost in the merry-go-round of political turmoil. For some reason I could not find the strength, mentally, to write. Life became a blur.

Now, late November 2022, I feel like I am just getting my senses back and my writing legs underneath me. But I have wasted time and the damage is done.

So now what? My million dollar question. I know I must change, evolve, if I am to make my life have some meaning. I am in my 70’s and my lifetime is running out, quickly. I feel like I still have so much to do and not enough time to do it.

I addressed some of these issues on the main blog post so I am not going to rehash it here. Sufficient to say an update/overhaul/change must occur and it needs to happen now.