Ever notice how time just slips away? One moment it’s Christmas, the next a wild hot summer, the next Christmas again.

As usual time has again slipped through my fingers going to I don’t know where. But my last post was in January and now it is July. I let time escape me, something I can no longer take for granted. I just past 70 a few days ago and I realized that time waits for no one or anything. It just goes and goes and goes. Never stopping, never caring, just moving forward. Once time is gone, it is gone forever.

I realize that if I am to fill just 1/16 of my dreams I had better take time seriously, very seriously. So with that I made my umpteenth vow to myself to do better, much better as I am running out of lifetime and once lifetime is gone there are no do-overs, no resets, no second chances. Once life is gone, it is gone forever. At least in this dimension. The next dimension, or afterlife, well we just have to wait until we get there to know for sure.



The Great Awakening

A year ago, if you wore a mask and gloves in public you were a criminal. Today if you DON’T wear a mask and gloves in public you are a criminal. What have we done to ourselves?

Needless to say the great pandemic of 2020 is here, and it will remain for a long time. Not the shutdown or failure of the job market, but the virus itself. This thing, like the flu, is here to stay. So we better get use to it. Continue reading “The Great Awakening”