Social Security?

Did you know that if you take social security you actually give up control of your life?

Think about it for a moment. When you take money from the government you give up a part of your life, if not the majority of it. I know because I accept a pension from my Navy retirement and I have to give some things up. So if you take social security from the government how much will you have to give up?

Actually quite a lot. There are rules and regulations in place that prevent you from doing things. One of those things is making money. Yes there are restrictions on how much money you can make in any given year. Does that sound fair to you? Not to me.

Now I have been told, but cannot verify, that if you take social security at a certain age the money restriction is waived. I do not know if this is true or not as I have not looked into it. However I do know the money restriction is heavily enforced. Don’t ask me why, blame the politicians for that issue. But the whole social security issue can be boiled down to one element: Government control over your life.

What made me think about this? I think because today is 9/11 and sixteen years ago this date our world changed. We lost a lot of freedom in those following days and weeks, and I don’t want to lose any more.  Maybe I’m just getting old and set in my ways.

Anyway I’m going to explore this topic in detail later, I just wanted to get the ball rolling. And don’t even get me started on medicare. What a joke.