Getting Ready for 2022

The storm is passing
The Storm is Passing

Getting ready for what exactly?

I am on the last week of my vacation and it has been relaxing, non-eventful, and productive all at the same time. It has been a good vacation. A much needed vacation from a stressful year.

I am so tired of political covid I could puke. The bio-weapon itself is deadly enough but when you add political malfeasance into the mix people die and politicians rejoice. Sick doesn’t even begin to describe the situation or these politicians.

This much I know, and it is a fact, as long as people vote democrat, death is sure to follow. Republicans ain’t much better but they are better than the democrats. For the most part, republicans aren’t totally insane.

Me, I’m an Independent, republicans threw me under the bus years ago. But I still vote republican most of the time, and I never vote for a democrat, or democrat issue.

Moving Forward

So what am I getting ready for? Simple: To speak my voice and work to make it be heard. I can’t guarantee that will happen but I can try, or in the words of Yoda: “Do or do not, there is no try.”

I believe 2022 will be the year of our voice. This country will speak and when we do our voice will send fear down the spines of the corrupt politician. But we must work to make it happen, and if you love freedom, you will.

My voice is just beginning.  My main blog and website ( will undergo a small transformation as I feel them to be restrictive in some ways. I am still planning those changes, plus others as well.

So happy 2022, the year of our voice may it be loud and clear.. And please follow me on Gab, the social media site of freedom.