When Things Break

Have you ever tried to do something, a simple thing, and when you do everything breaks?

That just happened to me when I was trying to do some updates in this WordPress site. Fortunately I got everything back, but for a few moments there I was kinda dumbfounded.

Fortunately I use Lynda.com for training and there is a training session on WordPress. One of the lessons concerns what happens when your WordPress site crashes.

Now I knew it was not a malicious attack, just a coding error in one of my plug-ins, still the system crashed and I had to recover and fix the breakage. I was successful because here I am, up and running again.

So when things break, as they always will, just do what I do… Have a meltdown!

Works every time.


Expect the Best

Are you worthy? The absolute answer is: Yes, yes you are.

We all cut ourselves short thinking that others are far more worthy than we are. It is our human condition for us to think this way. Yet here is something you may have not have considered: Politicians have learned how to tap into this human weakness and use it against you. Continue reading “Expect the Best”


Every once in awhile a change needs to occur in our life. This statement coming from someone who hates change, yet change is the only constant in life and if we close our eyes to it we lose so much. But here is a fact of life: Change will come upon you whether you want it or not. So your choice is to sit back, do nothing and let change control you, or take control of your life and the changes you will encounter. Continue reading “Changes”

A Time of Hope

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” — John 3:16

This is Easter weekend the time Christ our Savior rose from death, a horrible, suffering death, to give us hope that life exist beyond our mortal bodies. Continue reading “A Time of Hope”