Change in the Wind

Don’t tell anyone but 2020 was not a great year, overall. Maybe that is why everyone is so glad to see it go. For me it was bittersweet. That is more bitter than sweet. At any rate I have decided to make some major changes to GPMCC.

Being old fashion I really don’t want to. I tend to cling onto the past a lot more than I should and that attitude has often come back to bite me, sometimes hard. So this year I have decided to change course and try something different. And for me and my psyche that can be drastic.

I started by changing my keyboard, which means I have to learn how to type all over again. I went from a full blown ergonomic style to a semi-ergonomic style. I had no choice my old keyboard (which I loved) died. Keys stopped working, no response from some keys, in short my favorite keyboard became worthless.

This prompted other changes some of which are just beginning. Bottom line I am changing. Now am I changing for the good or the bad? Only time will tell but many things are going to happen this year and if I work them right they will be great.

So, I am off to an interesting 2021, and I am going to work to make it a good one.


The Great Awakening

A year ago, if you wore a mask and gloves in public you were a criminal. Today if you DON’T wear a mask and gloves in public you are a criminal. What have we done to ourselves?

Needless to say the great pandemic of 2020 is here, and it will remain for a long time. Not the shutdown or failure of the job market, but the virus itself. This thing, like the flu, is here to stay. So we better get use to it. Continue reading “The Great Awakening”

Expect the Best

Are you worthy? The absolute answer is: Yes, yes you are.

We all cut ourselves short thinking that others are far more worthy than we are. It is our human condition for us to think this way. Yet here is something you may have not have considered: Politicians have learned how to tap into this human weakness and use it against you. Continue reading “Expect the Best”