Year’s End

It is December 2021 and I find myself wondering what the hell did I do with all my time? Where did that time go?

The older one gets the faster time moves, or so it seems. Yes there is only 24 hours in a day but it seems so much shorter. It is perception and perception is 99% reality.

Time management skills really come in handy as one grows older, to help keep track of those priceless moments which slip away never to return. I really need to work on my time management skills.

While I fail to practice proper TM skills I do try to keep tabs on my actions (or inaction’s) by using a personal journal. I write down what I do or don’t do on a daily basis which helps me keep track of my time. I also keep my calendar current with my daily and weekly to do list. So I guess in the long run I am more time organized than I give myself credit for.

Still the perception that time moves so fast feels real and that I am losing control of my time.

Some of this perception stems from the fact that I work 10 hours a day during the week at my job, and when I come home I am so tired I don’t want to do anything  else. Yet achievement is not possible without extra effort. The extra effort to push beyond my comfort level into the unknown.

Right now I am on a well earned year end vacation, freeing my mind of work issues and allowing my creativity to soar as I see fit. The reality of returning to work will take hold soon enough but for this Christmas season, 2021, I  want to spend time with my family, investigate my imagination, explore my creativity, and invest time in myself.

I suggest you do the same after all time flies no matter what.