The Great Awakening

A year ago, if you wore a mask and gloves in public you were a criminal. Today if you DON’T wear a mask and gloves in public you are a criminal. What have we done to ourselves?

Needless to say the great pandemic of 2020 is here, and it will remain for a long time. Not the shutdown or failure of the job market, but the virus itself. This thing, like the flu, is here to stay. So we better get use to it.

Will we develop antibodies, within us? Who knows, but like the flu many of us will catch it, and many of us will die. It is a fact of life all of us must get use to.

So where did this thing come from? There is no doubt in my mind it is man-made and the origin is China. Released on purpose or accident? Too soon to tell but I lean more towards the accident side. Regardless this virus is here and it is deadly.

What makes this worse than the flu is just how contagious it is. Far worse than the flu it spreads like wildfire and that is crux of the problem. So how do we fight it?

For starters staying inside is NOT the solution. Washing our hands and being sanitary is one set of weapons which contribute to the solution. Another solution is the social distancing we are engage in. I feel that being apart is the only way we can be together.

Do masks help? The jury is out on that one. A mask will not prevent you from obtaining the virus but it will contain any contaminates you spill out of your mouth. So in that regard yes it does. At any rate we have been fighting this thing for a few months now and we are learning more about the virus itself everyday.

This virus has done one thing we never thought could happen: It has revealed the tyrants among us. Those people in leadership positions who use their authority to control and demand servitude from the populace.  We now know with 100% certainty who the wannabe dictators are. And what political party they belong to.

From governors to senators to mayors to anyone in authority, the democrat party has revealed their true colors for the world to see. This virus has awoken what could not be awakened and the results are dangerous.

Our only hope to save our country, our freedom, our way of life lies in the month of November 2020. What happens this election will either save us or condemn us forever.