Change in the Wind

Don’t tell anyone but 2020 was not a great year, overall. Maybe that is why everyone is so glad to see it go. For me it was bittersweet. That is more bitter than sweet. At any rate I have decided to make some major changes to GPMCC.

Being old fashion I really don’t want to. I tend to cling onto the past a lot more than I should and that attitude has often come back to bite me, sometimes hard. So this year I have decided to change course and try something different. And for me and my psyche that can be drastic.

I started by changing my keyboard, which means I have to learn how to type all over again. I went from a full blown ergonomic style to a semi-ergonomic style. I had no choice my old keyboard (which I loved) died. Keys stopped working, no response from some keys, in short my favorite keyboard became worthless.

This prompted other changes some of which are just beginning. Bottom line I am changing. Now am I changing for the good or the bad? Only time will tell but many things are going to happen this year and if I work them right they will be great.

So, I am off to an interesting 2021, and I am going to work to make it a good one.