The Three Keys

“A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.” – David Brinkley

We often think of faith and belief in religious terms, which in many cases it is. As a Christian I understand the importance of these terms and what they signify in the realm of religion. But as a man trying to create a better future I have to ask myself how do these two terms relate to everyday living?

Everyone talks about the “secret of success” and for years this secret has eluded me, and when I investigate it via the various “experts” all I get from them is something along the lines of “buy my book” or “buy my tapes.” Really?

The men and women who have made millions seem to hold this “secret” close to the vest, so close in fact that I have come to the rationalize that they themselves may not fully understand these “secrets.”

Now I am the first to admit these people have something going for them, a tendency to make money and their desire to share many of the issues which they used to get them where they are. I don’t distract from that, I don’t condemn it, in fact I listen to them, I admire them, and I attempt to emulate their success.

So how does faith, belief, and success all relate? First I have come to believe that there is no “secret” to success, however there are keys to success. Two of these keys are faith and belief. The third key, the one which ties them all together is work.

Faith, belief, work. The three keys to success. Or if you prefer, the secret to success.

Now there are many “attributes” which enhance these keys which one should also be aware of. What is an attribute? The dictionary definition is not adequate to explain how an attribute affects these keys, but when used like a computer language it makes perfect sense.

An attribute is something, a characteristic, that enhances the definition of an element, component, or value. I guess you could think of an attribute as metadata but that doesn’t fit our current situation here. Instead think of an attribute as an enhancement element.

Basic Assumptions

So how does this all relate?

First we must make a basic assumption – you are in economic straits. The debts are high, the income low, you may have no job, and your self-esteem is at an all time low. Most of which is not your fault but rather the “new norm” we hear so much about today. That aside it is important for you to realize you have options, valuable, real options which you can employ starting today to make your life better.

Now changes to your life will not happen overnight, there will be no “immediate” miracles which will pull you from the depths of despair you currently find yourself in. But you can begin to change your circumstances if you:

  1. Open your mind to change, and
  2. Have a desire to change your circumstances.

So let us make our second assumption: You want to change your current economic environment. To do that you must believe this one element:

Money is not evil.

How people use money can be evil, but money in and of itself is neutral, it has no value by itself. It is only how we, people, use this medium which determines if money is a detriment or a blessing.

How do I know this? Politicians often speak of money influencing and corrupting government when in reality it is the individual who is corrupt. But being in love with power they will never admit to this weakness and will always shift the blame to somebody or something else.

Money is an element of power. It is how our society has evolved over thousands of years: Those with the money have the power.

This “belief” is one of the root causes of why people are not successful in their daily lives. The thought of “I don’t want to be evil” is a daily, albeit subconscious, attribute which affects the way we live. So who taught us this attribute? Basically the people who had all the money taught us that money was evil. Huh?

Bottom line, those who have the money, and the power, but are themselves corrupt inside are the very same ones who demand you live below your capabilities. So that includes everyone with money? No. And you can determine this by looking at the individuals actions. For actions speak louder than words and never lie.

These are the basics, the fundamentals you must accept before you can move on and make your life better. You may think that there is more to these fundamentals, but not really. These are the basics which everything else floats around. Everything else is an attribute.

The Beginning of Success

So how do we begin to change our life, our way of life? How do we become successful?

Number one rule: Accept full responsibility for all your actions. No excuses, none allowed. You and you alone are responsible for every action you take or dismiss.

The popular belief, the belief that others are responsible for your failure, is only a fallacy, a lie created by immoral individuals whose only belief is they are superior to you.These people have only one desire, total and complete control over all aspects of your life. Hence they use sweet-sounding words like compassion, fairness, forgiveness, and my favorite “it’s for the children.” They make you believe you are a victim and not responsible for your own life. Unfortunately many believe this thus they live a life full of meaningless and worthless gibberish. They become enslaved to this notion that others are responsible for their failure.

But in reality this concept of taking full responsibility is very liberating. Once you assume complete responsibility for your life and realize that no one is going to rescue you from your situation it frees you to concentrate on yourself, changing yourself, and making you a better man or woman. It also destroys the myth that others are to blame for your circumstances. I admit this is a difficult concept to accept but if you truly, within your heart desire a better life you must accept this fact of accepting full responsibility for all your actions or your inaction’s.

Rule number two: Recognize that you are unique, with unique talents and skills, and that you are worthy of living a great and magnificent life. Many will tell you, especially politicians, that you need them in order to be happy. Well how is their version of happiness working out for you? Are you happy? Do you like your life the way it is now? If so great for you, but I dare say most of the readers here are not happy with their life yet don’t know how to change it.

Many a motivational speaker have started off poor and in dire straits, just like you. They, however, left the confines of their self-imposed imprisonment and emerged into the rays of the sun. If they can do it so can you and I. Unfortunately they also pose a threat to the current powers that be. A threat that cannot be allowed to stand. Hence the attack on self-reliance.

Many powers that currently occupy the halls of Washington, or state capitals live and thrive on controlling your destiny. Thus many worthless rules and regulations are put in place to ensure these threats are subdued. You feel worthless because of politics, a political entity who believes they know how to live your life better than you do. Unfortunately you believe it because the school systems of today have taught you that philosophy.

But you can change it, so I refer you back to the beginning of this article: Faith and Belief.

These two elements are part of a trio I mentioned earlier and by working together can and will change your life. But I must also refer back to a question I asked earlier: Do you have a desire to change?

Your answer to this question is critical for your future, your life, your family, everything you hold dear.

In Summary

This article is not the end all of this topic but rather the beginning. I have eluded to this topic many times in the past but now it is time to hit it head-on. So in closing this segment remember the keys to success: Faith, Belief, and Work.

It is these keys which leads you out of the pits of despair and into the light of the sun. So I leave you with this last thought: Always watch the actions of the rich and the politicians for it is their actions which will reveal their true thoughts and desires.

And we are just getting warmed up on this subject.


About GP McClure

I am a technical writer with over 30 years of writing experience in a variety of subjects and topics, covering a wide range of industries, but specializing in aviation. I have lived in the San Diego California area since 1972 for the most part but spent some years in Japan and Alaska, thanks to the United States Navy. I retired from the Navy in 1992, having served 20 years of active duty in the aviation field.
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