Our Policy

Your Privacy

We do NOT attempt to obtain any information from you at any time for any reason. In the future this may change as GPMCC changes, and if that happens this privacy policy will change accordingly.

WordPress may use cookies for various information but GPMCC does not. Nor do we use pop-ups or any other annoying gimmicks when you visit us. I believe in a clean website and want to keep it that way.


Sometimes we apply affiliate links to our WordPress sites, however we normally reserve all affiliate links to our main website (GPMCC). We cannot control the data our affiliates collect from you hence you should read their privacy statements when you visit them.


Everything I write on the blog falls under the copyright laws. The words and thoughts here are mine and mine alone. In short I assume all responsibility for everything I write. I also give credit where credit is due and will always, to the best of my ability, acknowledge any source that I use.

Site Availability

This is basically beyond my control, but if for some reason this blog, or my webpage (www.gpmcc.com) is not available then I apologize. However InMotion (my hosting company) is pretty good and their up time is outstanding (so is their service).


This you can find on the home page of my website (GPMCC). The Disclaimer page explains my policy on links and so forth. Give it a read.

Changes, Changes, Changes

I reserve the right to change anything on my blog, including the Policy page, at any time.


Because of spam I have discontinued all comments and contacts on this and all my sites, except the main webpage which is a completely different type of contact. Abuse and lose, no choice. I am so sorry that a few people destroyed it for all. But I’m too old and too conservative to put up with spam.