Staying Positive

Four things come not back: the spoken word, the spent arrow, the past, and the neglected opportunity. — Omar Idn Al-Halif

It has been awhile since I made an update to this blog, a year in fact. What started off as a change to the main website, an update, has become something else. I thought that 2014 would be a great year, especially after the misery of 2013. But I long for 2013 as this year has been anything but great.

I guess it really started at the end of 2013 when this site was maliciously attacked and it took a while to repair the damage. I find it amazing that those who do not agree with a point of view will tolerate nothing. So they attack what they don’t agree with and call it compassion. But I believe in Karma, what goes around will come back around. Hence my belief system is that if you dispel hate in the name of compassion, that very same type of compassion will come back to you. And in my experience, generally with a vengeance. But that’s just me. The damage was done but repaired so I moved on.

On the personal side, we as a family suffered a horrible loss with the death of our daughter. We have still not overcome this grief and if the death of my sister, which occured in the 70’s, is any lesson, we never will. But we will move on as best we can and I have pledged to myself to honor these memories of mine to do the best work I am capable of. And one part of my work is my writing. I intend to do a lot more of it.

Staying positive this year has been difficult on the best days, impossible the rest of the days. Still we try with all that has happened to us this year. And I have a lot of hope for 2015, that it will be the year everything good happens to us.

Everyone deserves a break from the harsh realities of life and we are no exception. Especially my wife. She has endured more hell than anyone should. And to be honest I have not been the greatest asset for her, at least not the type I should have been. I’ve always been there anytime she needed me, but perhaps her pain was more than I could relate to. More than I could understand.

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Politics Not as Usual

While our life has been a living hell this year, when you add the political component and how the political critters, of all flavors, try to control all lives, it becomes even more frustrating. So many things have happened this year in the political arena I’m not sure where to begin, but I think this latest issue with Ebola is coming to the top of the list.

Politicians will, and do, use any event they can if they believe it will enhance and advance their agenda. All parties are responsible, perhaps Democrats more than the others, but Republicans are a real close second. In fact the Democrats are beating the Republicans only by a nose hair. There is no difference between the parties any more, none as they all have and pursue the same agenda: Power for themselves and the hell with everyone else.

So the current political system is an absolute failure but I see change on the horizon. This is evident by what is happening in France and recently in England with the Scottish situation. By the way I’m glad the separation did not succeed because it would have caused more problems than solve. Be that as it may the situation is still fascinating and there is a major lesson to be learned here: The people are getting tired of politicians and their personal agenda. Things are changing but the political elite have closed their eyes to this reality.

Back to Ebola: The Democrats are using this issue to blame Republicans and the Republicans are stupid enough to stay quiet. Of course Republicans will always do what the Democrats tell them to do, no questions asked.

So in the name of an agenda the political critters will let people die and then blame the Republicans and the message will be enhanced and amplified by the Barrack Obama Propaganda Machine, formerly known as the Main Stream Media, led by the agenda driven New York Times. Yes an agenda is more important than your life. Just ask any politician.

Want proof of my statement? Ask them, the political critter, the question: “Is my life more important than your politics?”

If the political critter hesitates for even a second you will have your proof. Of course they will answer NO, but the hesitation is the real answer, the true answer. Try it; what do you have to lose? Of course don’t say “agenda” as they, the political critters will perceive a trap.

And if they answer with anything but a solid NO, then you will also have additional proof that their politics trump your well-being.

Your Attitude

Staying positive in this environment is not easy in a normal year. Add the trauma and difficulties we as a family faced and it becomes harder. But not impossible. With the November elections just around the corner my gut tells me that the political critters, of all flavors are in for a very rude awakening. I believe, but I am not holding my breath, that Nancy of San Francisco could lose her job this year. Not to a Republican by any means but to a far left Independent, if one is running against her. I have no idea as I don’t keep up with Frisco politics, but if an Independent is running against her… Just saying I would not be surprised.

There is a lot of action happening to bring us down but if I can maintain a positive attitude with all that has happened to us, you can to. It is not easy, but if you put your trust in the Keys of Success you can overcome the negativity surrounding all of us.

So what are these Keys of Success? I want to talk about them in a later post but they are composed of three distinct elements:


These elements will keep you positive in this negative environment for these are the three elements which have helped us overcome the grief, heartache, misfortunes, and negativity my family and I have experienced this year.

Political critters want to keep you down. Don’t let them. Put your trust in the Keys of Success and something magical happens: You.


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I am a technical writer with over 30 years of writing experience in a variety of subjects and topics, covering a wide range of industries, but specializing in aviation. I have lived in the San Diego California area since 1972 for the most part but spent some years in Japan and Alaska, thanks to the United States Navy. I retired from the Navy in 1992, having served 20 years of active duty in the aviation field.
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