Welcome to the Politics of Self-Improvement

The Politics of Self-Improvement is an integral part of the GPMCC universe. A universe with the mission of explaining the fundamentals of our great nation and form of government while at the same time informing you how political agendas manipulate you in ways you may not be aware of.

This blog focuses on two fundamentals: Self-Improvement and Politics. I believe these two items to be very closely related in several ways, and over the course of time it should become apparent how they relate to each other AND how the current state of politics is affecting your life, your future, and the lives of your family.

Everything is political these days, from buying a car to sports, from buying groceries to watching a movie. Nothing, no part of our daily life is spared the political monster. A monster created for only one purpose, by people with only one goal.

And what is the goal and who are the people behind it?

The goal is total domination over every aspect of your life. And who are the people who want to implement this goal?

There are a variety of people involved, from politicians to Hollywood to the main stream media. These are all people who already dominate many aspects of our lives today, and they want more domination. Hence names become secondary, important to be sure but secondary in nature.

What is critical is all these people have one thing in common: Liberalism. Those who worship the liberal goddess are the same people who fight for the goal of total domination of your life.

How do they do this? Why do they do this?

These are questions which GPMCC strives to answer as it centers on the ideology of liberalism. Liberalism is the monster which a free people must constantly fight. For it is the monster of the world, the way of the world and the people who use this monster constantly worship it like the false goddess it is.

The first step in controlling you is to destroy your dreams. The basic fact is when government destroys your dreams it also destroys your self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-reliance. Government intervention forces you to become a ward of the state and when that transpires you lose, and give up willingly, your independence and any concept of a free life.

To counter this I decided to write about this issue and, not only share my opinions on it, but to encourage you to become better and more self-confident in the process. This is important because it is critical to overcome the negativity coming out of Washington and the main stream media these days, a negativity that affects each of us daily.

It is critical to note we have the most fantastic and greatest form of government the world has ever created. The separation of powers was an ingenious move which ensures no one man can become a dictator. However in today’s political environment I am concerned that specific political forces wish to do away with the Constitution and install a dictatorship. Or even worse a tyranny.

Our founding fathers did a remarkable job to ensure this experiment in self-government had a chance to survive, and it will if we can control the forces who want to destroy our way of life.

Unfortunately, while we have the greatest form of government we, in our ignorance and apathy, have elected the best con-artist the world has ever seen. Their socialistic views and policies have brought us to the brink of disaster and destruction. Make no mistake, our current crop of politicians, on all sides of the isle are only interested in one thing — their political survival. And they will do, promise, and say anything to ensure it.

There are antidotes to this madness and I will discuss these concepts in my writings. We can bring this country back from the pits of despair, and if you are wondering how the answer is simple: We apply proven conservative principles and eliminate liberal/progressive policies, policies which destroy our ability to excel in life. But that is easier said than done.

More than Just Politics

Yet there is more to life than just politics, otherwise we would all go crazy (it seems like we are anyway). Life is meant to be enjoyed, to be lived, and to be explored. The main website is a reflection of this philosophy.

Growing and Changing

I have never been big in social networking and I have not had a burning desire to travel that path. However since I live and reside in Realville I know I have to adapt to the times, which means I need to get involved with social networking or as I think of it: social engineering.

Over the course of time I will be addressing the social media/engineering aspect of Facebook, Twitter, and other services so prevalent in today’s society. It is a topic which can and often does destroy us, especially our youth. To ignore this topic would be a crime within itself.

The Power of Freedom

The beautiful thing about a blog and a website is the freedom it offers a person. I created the website to be a useful tool, providing a variety of links for a variety of purposes. What I have discovered is the power of freedom it gives me which is only limited by my imagination. And freedom is a powerful force in this world. Just ask anyone who doesn’t have it.

I hope you will join me for the journey I have set out on, because if I do this right, it should be fun and inspirational at the same time.


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