At the Mercy of…

Do for yourself or do without – Gaylord Perry

Do you feel like you are being manipulated, controlled, and told what to believe and what not to believe? Join the club. So, what is the truth? What is the lie? Can I trust the main stream media? Who can I trust? Why are gas prices so high? Why am I unemployed? Why is my life in the toilet? Why is my country in the toilet? Why do I feel like crap? Continue reading

Angry and Just Plain Mad

He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else. — Benjamin Franklin

Getting started on this post is difficult because I am so angry I can’t even see straight. I know what I want to say and say it I will. First and foremost I am totally and completely angry with me and my stupidity. Why I put up with me is beyond me. So let me elaborate somewhat. Continue reading

The Power of Rest

Energy and persistence conquer all things. — Benjamin Franklin

There is a time for work and there is a time for play and most of us forget when to apply which to what. I have not had a major vacation in over two years and I was beginning to feel the effects of not taking one. There are a lot of excuses for not taking a vacation but not one valid reason. Even a minor vacation is better than no vacation, which I reminded myself of this last weekend. Continue reading