The Art of the Con

Politicians are masters of the art of deception. – Martin L. Gross

Currently we are involved in a battle called “class warfare.” It is a conflict where one group of politicians tells the losers of the country that you are being cheated by those who have money and what belongs to them actually belongs to you. These politicians use the term “fairness” to describe how much better your life would be if you were given the money the “rich” have. All you have to do to receive this money is to vote for the politician telling you this.

This concept is so alluring; money for a simple vote. What could be easier? Take from the “rich” and give to the “poor” (read loser), in short the Robin Hood effect. Robin would be so proud of you and the politicians promoting this agenda. All you have to do is nothing, and so many people have mastered this concept to perfection.

So it is today that politicians, especially liberals and Democrats, are promoting class envy and placing a stigma of shame on achievement and success. With the willing assistance of the Benedict Arnold’s (formerly known as the main stream media) these con-artist are manipulating the weak-minded into believing success is an evil entity which must be destroyed. So the lazy among us fall into this trap and become willing associates of those who would be our masters.

The people of this country believe this lie as they give standing ovations when achievement and success is attacked and demonized. The people today are following the same principle and propaganda the people of Germany did when they followed Hitler during the lead-up to WWII. Today’s losers follow so willingly that there is no thought to the consequences that lay before them. The losers of this country today worship greed, immorality, and deception and actually believe that being a loser is good for them and being a success is bad. After all success requires a lot of work, and work is something many abhor since it is so difficult.

So a question comes to mind: If you are currently working and the small business you work for is demonized and is forced to shut down, what happens to you? Oh I know, you now go on the “government dole,” only to find out a couple of years from now there is no money to give you any more. You “discover” and are “surprised” the government now owns your house and can charge any confiscatory rate a bureaucrat sees fit to charge. So in your desire to punish success, you become homeless and destitute. But the government will protect you right? Wait a minute, you just found out the government has no more money to give you and since you are not a member of the liberal/Democrat mutual admiration club, you are nothing. So now what do you do?

Sound far-fetched? How? Is it any more far-fetched than our leaders selling this country to China? Is it any more far-fetched than placing gays in the military? Is it any more far-fetched than forcing religion to submit to the will of the depraved? Is it any more far-fetched than Hollywood supporting America’s destruction with the “programs” and “movies” they produce? Just what is far-fetched when liberal policies are forced down your throat? No more prayer at football games? The end of the NFL? The end of the Big Mac? Just what is far-fetched in America today? Far-fetched is just around the corner and it is approaching fast.

When the leader of our country tells small business, any business that it was government who created their business a sane individual cringes, but the losers, the mentality unstable, the liberals applaud these words. Why is that? Was a government politician or bureaucrat there deep into the night when the business owner was sweating over some detail and trying to figure out a solution to a problem? Was a government politician or bureaucrat standing there taking abuse from a customer because the customer was wrong and the business owner was trying to make things right? Was a government politician or bureaucrat there when the funds were low and the debts were high and the business owner was worried sick about where new funds would come from? Was a government politician or bureaucrat there when the business owner was putting in 18 hours a day, six or seven days a week to make the business work? To my knowledge the answer is no.

From individual entrepreneurs to big corporations it is the risk taker who makes this country work, not the politician. The politician is an expert at destroying achievement but could and will never be able to create a single job. And the current groups of people working for government are mostly incompetent and uneducated. All you have to do is just look at the TSA, the local DMV, or any Social Security Office to understand this point.

It is the losers among us who believe government is all powerful, all caring, and all knowing. The sad fact is these losers are selling their soul to the devil and don’t even care. They are the “give me because I deserve it” mob, also known as the Occupy Movement.

We have the greatest form of government the world has ever experienced. It is the uniqueness of our form of government which makes this nation exceptional among all nations of the world. But we the voters have elected, by choice, the most convincing con-artist the universe has ever seen. These con-artists will sell you tickets for the Titanic, explaining the ship is the greatest ever created, the crew and captain the best of the best, and it is completely safe and unsinkable; knowing all the while the fate that awaits it. And what happens to these con-artists? They of course remain safely on the shore, out of harm’s way, counting their money and laughing at you, the gullible loser.

You may say I’m being too harsh, I say nay, in fact I am being rather kind in my analysis. These losers… these losers are losers because they want to be, not because they have to be. For years they have been taught, and have followed the liberal manta that the country owes them everything. In following this belief they find they have no future, no hope, and no one to admire them. One of the biggest issues a human has is the need to be liked and adored. So in order for the con to work the politicians/bureaucrats convince the hopeless lorn that if they will but vote for them all their troubles will go away and life will become nirvana. My question is nirvana for whom?

And so the con continues.

It use to be that the newspapers/news media would hold the politician accountable for their actions. Republicans have always been in the cross-hairs of these “journalist”, but to be fair they also held Democrats accountable to some degree as well. But no longer. Now the news media is fully behind, and totally supports, the concept of destroying the country, all in the name of “fairness” of course. The truth is the liberal bastions of this country has taught the “journalist” to hate the concept of America as founded, saying the concept is flawed and needs to be replaced. Replaced with what exactly?

Here’s a little tidbit for you: Human beings since the beginning of time have been cursed with several flaws, one being the overwhelming desire to impose their will upon others, especially government types imposing their desire on the population. The founding fathers were smart and wrote the Constitution to place limits on government authority which infuriated those who have evil in their heart, the desire to enslave others. Or so they thought.

So let me get this straight: The politicians are telling you, the American citizen, that you need Washington DC to survive and be happy. The losers tell you that what you have, what you worked for, and what you have earned now belongs to them. The Benedict Arnold’s (formerly the main stream media) promote the idea that freedom is bad and servitude is good. Have I got that right? Good, just wanted to make sure.

If you are reading this you may totally agree with the losers, or, and I suspect this to be more the case, you are infuriated with the situation want to change it. The question is how? There is help available, the question is will you seek it out?

There is one sure-fired method which you can employ and use right now to turn your life around: You decide to become the best individual you can be. You study, you learn, you absorb knowledge, and you vote. Government types do not, and never have cared about you, they need you to vote for them, but once the election is over, you become expendable. So why would you care about a politician who is only out to make your life miserable?

You are not a loser, you are an American and you live in the greatest country on the face of the Earth. The only questions are, do you want America to be America, or do you want America to be a slave nation?

The choice will be answered in November 2012.