The Silence of Freedom

I begin to feel like most Americans don’t understand the First Amendment, don’t understand the idea of freedom of speech, and don’t understand that it’s the responsibility of the citizen to speak out. – Roger Ebert

It is called Swatting and it is an insidious method used by losers to stop the flow of speech, especially speech they disagree with.

Thus we are entering a new era in this experiment called America, an era where intimidation, government force, and media prosecution is employed to, at the very least, stifle speech and at the very worse destroy those who practice their first amendment right. And there is only one group of people responsible for this vicious madness: Democrats and their minions, also known as liberals.

Harsh? No. Because this is NOT your father’s Democrat Party any longer. The party has been hijacked by forces determined to destroy the very foundation of this country. While I have never agreed with the Democrat policies at least the Democrats of the past could be talked to, even reasoned with to some degree. But no longer. Those Democrats no longer exists, and their policies of the past have been corrupted into something even FDR would find hideous. So do all Democrats fall into this category? Name me one who doesn’t because I can’t.

So while today’s Democrats are the architects of this insidious behavior, it is the Republicans who remain silent and fail to stand tall against these actions. So which is worse – those who practice intimidation or those who remain quiet and allow it to happen?

What is so dangerous about swatting is the potential of someone, an innocent someone, getting killed. If that happens would the authorities be looking at first degree, pre-meditated murder? I doubt it. You see the recipients of swatting are conservative bloggers, who are, by liberal definition the scum of the earth. So the current way of thinking becomes: What’s so special about a dead conservative blogger?

Thus my questions for law enforcement are: Why are you allowing yourselves to be played this way? And what happens if someone dies? Will you take responsibility if someone innocent dies by your hand? Or will you make excuses for your behavior, promising to look into the “situation,” a situation caused by your own mistakes and gullibility. I pray we never find out, but my fear is soon we will.

While swatting is bad it is not the only item in a liberal’s arsenal of dirty tricks. Liberals will do anything to silence criticism or any speech they disagree with. Brad Pitt’s mother is just the latest example of liberal “love and tolerance”. All dissenting voices which do not mirror theirs must be silenced, and the best way to do that is via intimation. Can you say

As we get closer to the election of 2012 the Democrats and their underlings find they must do everything possible to change the current topic of the economy to a tried and true accusation: Racism.

I submit to you that liberals are the most racist individuals on the face of the Earth, and their actions constantly prove this to be true. In order to accuse someone of being a racist, the accuser themselves must be racist. Forget policy and the consequences of failed policies, only the accusation of racism must prevail, otherwise all is lost.

Republicans on the other hand are terrified of being labeled a racist, even though it is not true. Just the mention of the word sends shock waves up and down a Republican spine. This basically means Republicans have no spine, but they do have a massive yellow streak. So again I ask which is worse: Staying silent and accepting the accusation or raising hell and demanding the accusers prove their diatribe.

For the Republicans it’s a no-brainer: Shut-up and accept the accusations.

And the silencing of speech continues…

I read stories about how the American flag is removed from cemeteries, condos, townhomes, bridges, basically everywhere. The reasons fall into one or more of the following categories (just a sampling, not a complete list):

  • It’s too dangerous to display the flag.
  • It’s against the homeowners association rules.
  • It offends someone.
  • It’s not fair to fly the American flag and no others.

And every time the politician/bureaucrat in charge swears banning the flag has nothing to do with patriotism or the flag itself. Yeah, right. The sad fact is these political con-artists hate America and all it stands for. How do I know this because Judges make rulings, not based on content of flying the flag but on whether it offends someone or isn’t fair to someone else. Again forbidding the right to display American pride, free speech is stifled and eliminated.

But the flag isn’t the only item being attacked – our Second Amendment rights are, and have been for decades, subject to liberal rule and prohibition. The Second Amendment was never designed to protect hunters but it was created to protect the citizens of this country from government. And the liberals/Democrats know it. That is why they must eliminate the Second Amendment, for how else can you enslave a nation if the population has the ability to fight back? They can’t. So the liberals/Democrats employ the United Nations to do their dirty work for them. Why is that?

The answer is simple: if a politician comes out and declares that guns need to be outlawed and restricted, that politician would find themselves unelectable. The job of the politician is to get re-elected, then and only then can they continue their rein of liberalism, denying the people the right to be free because the politician believes that the people are too stupid to manage their own affairs. Even the clothes people wear every day must be government approved. I quote:

Clothing distributed within a country requires proper labeling. The labeling is intended to convey accurate information about the clothing. The United States has regulations enforced by the federal government, and lobbied by the American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA).

There is no aspect of your life today that government does not control in some manner, in some fashion. To think otherwise is completely naive. To continue:

Maine Governor Paul LePage made the remark recently that the IRS is the “new Gestapo” in today’s government. He is not wrong, but because someone complained and the Benedict Arnold’s (formerly known as the main stream media) harassed him, he apologized. Like all Republicans he told the truth but the yellow streak emerged and he fell in line with all elected Republicans. The truth was suppressed because he “offended” someone. Well I get offended by politicians every day and no one seems to care about that.

Yet with all this there is one item of speech suppression that stands above the rest: The deliberate attempt to prevent success.

Never before in our history have so many politicians told so many people they are not worthy of being successful. In their view you are too stupid to earn a good living. You are too ignorant to take care of yourself. You need government to survive. You need government to be happy. You need government to tell you how to dress, what to eat, when to go to bed, when to wake up, and how to live. Without government your life is over and the liberal Democrats are your salvation, your only hope against the evil conservatives.

So goes the sales pitch and all the while misery and despair rule the day. So it is that our elected con-artist will do everything in their power to ensure you stay on the poor plantation, regardless of your skin color because you are so dim-witted you can’t take care of yourself, and your family, without the assistance of some government entity.

Mitt Romney recently proved the point when he addressed the NAACP in Houston. Romney spoke the truth; he spoke to the people as adults yet the leadership of this organization didn’t want to hear it. Apparently the leadership of the NAACP wants their race to remain inferior, in order for themselves to remain in good graces with the Democrat party. It appears the leaders of the Democrat party and the NAACP leadership wants African-Americans to remain in servitude and beholding to the party which treats them as inferior. So my question: Is success and fortune is too good for an African-American man or woman? Is only misery and despair good enough for the population? It is according to liberals and Democrats. It is called snake oil for a reason, it’s slippery and dangerous, and should never be trusted.

We all bleed red regardless of skin color, and we all want a better life for ourselves and our family. So I ask what gives these con-artist, the liberals and Democrat leaders, the right to tell anyone how to live their life and how much money they can make? What makes them better than you or me? Because they are elected to public office they are better? I think not.

While the Democrats push class warfare, push big government, dependency, and sell you the snake oil the Republicans sit by, on their hands, say nothing and accept the blame caused by liberals and Democrats. And if they do say something they speak in whispers, afraid of the truth, and terrified of the Benedict Arnold’s (formerly known as the main stream media).

You have the power to control your life and your destiny but you, and I, have been cowered into believing otherwise. Well I can’t speak for you, but I can for me: So welcome to The Politics of Self-Improvement, a website/blog which will never surrender to the threats of the speech patrol.