How Dare You!

How dare you:

  • Tell yourself you are inferior!
  • Think that you are mediocre!
  • Allow yourself to suffer low self-esteem!
  • Give up on your dreams!
  • Refuse to believe in yourself!
  • Fail to recognize your own potential!
  • Choose defeat!
  • Refuse to even try!

How dare you do all these things!

How can I say all this? Because I have been there, I have experienced all the above and more. I chose to lose, to be mediocre, and to accept defeat. I chose this path thinking the world owed me, OWED me, a living. Then reality struck and I realized the world owes me nothing.

Kennedy said it best: “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

I take it a step farther: Ask what you can do for your family, your neighborhood, your work, and yourself.

You think, you believe the world owes you something? Well it doesn’t, and never will. Life is funny that way if you don’t perform, if you don’t create, you lose. That is the way of the world. It is the law of life.

However politicians have found a way around this law of life and they call it “compassion.” What kind of compassion? The kind that destroys you, destroys your will, destroys your self-esteem, and your desire to excel. Political compassion is your death warrant because all this type of compassion gives you is misery and despair.

Yeah, I’ve been there too and it ain’t fun. But I discovered life need not be the way politicians tell you it must be. When I discovered this tidbit of truth my entire life changed. The road has not been easy and I am still struggling to find my way, my path, but I am traveling this road on my own terms and I am much happier for it.

If you want to be happy find your road, find your way. Nobody can do this for you, nor should anybody try. You and you alone are the master of your destiny. If you rely on a politician you will always be waiting, until election time.

It is your choice, take your destiny in your own hands and work to succeed, or rely upon government. One method will give you piece of mind and satisfaction of life. The other will keep you wondering when will government take away my “freebies” and how much more of your soul will you have to sell to keep those “freebies”.

Humm, tough choice. Or is it.