A New Dawn

I am not poor. I may have no money but I have more than money, I have wealth beyond compare, I have freedom.

Yet my freedom is in danger of being taken away by politicians who truly believe that they, and only they should dictate the way I, and others like me, live.

For these individuals freedom is a burden which should be replaced with compassion, the type of compassion only a fool believes in. A fool whose motto is “Live as I say, do as I say, for I am smarter than thee.”

Yet these fools cannot grow a garden, or sew their own clothes. They cannot live without the sweat of my brow, which I, a deplorable by name, refuse to give them.

I am an individual tied to the red, white, and blue and all it stands for. Liberty is upon my lips, freedom within my heart. And those who believe they know better than me are at my mercy for without my labor they suffer the wrath of gods which plagues them with disease and petulance.

For I am an American and God is my foundation, my rock, and my life. For my castles are built upon His word, His truth, His universe, a foundation which can never crumble away.

I am not of the political class, those who show their compassion with cruelty and malice for all who think different than they. For they are being swept away and their castles, built upon the sand of deceit, crumbles around them this very day. For they are being destroyed by their own self-righteousness, self-importance, and self-serving attitudes while we, those who trust in Divine Providence, self-reliance, and freedom are rising up to meet the new dawn.