Who Are They?

Who exactly are the social justice warriors? What are their names? Where do they work? Why are they protected by everybody, including Rush Limbaugh? Who are the main culprits causing all the campus unrest? Who are the leaders? What is so bad about exposing them?

I hear all the excuses but no one has every given a valid reason for not identifying who these rascals are. Yes we have an idea, and some are named, but far too less, not enough. How can we fight back if all we have is a nameless “they”?

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of playing in the shadows. Shine the light on these cockroaches. Let every one know who “they” are and what their professions (if they even work) are.

To fight the flames of liberal fire we need water, and right now our water supply is cut off by political correctness. We don’t really know who is feeding the fire, George Soros and generalities not withstanding, hence the liberal fire grows bigger.

The only people who will support Donald Trump is us, the ones who voted for him. No one else has his back and we are being hampered by the politically correct. Sorry Rush I love you to death, listen to you always, agree with you 99.99 percent of the time, but when you and your peers refuse to name names (the .01% I disagree with), maybe you have your reasons, you really do hamper our ability to protect our President. Not a criticism just an observable fact.

Just saying we can do better. We have to do better because we are in for a long and bitter war with the liberal left. And if we don’t prevail, kiss our lives and our country goodbye.