The mind is everything. What you think you become. – Buddha

One of the basis of self-improvement is the ability to “see” within. So what exactly does that mean and why do I even want to concern myself with it?

Ok, fair enough, good questions and ones that I have even asked myself from time-to-time. So let us answer them.

The mind is a powerful object and one we are just now beginning to really understand. Now I want to focus on this for just a moment because this point is what drives the liberal agenda. It is also the object which the liberal agenda uses to control and manipulate people.

Wait a minute, what exactly are you saying? Mind control? Conspiracy theories? Are you kidding me?

Mind control yes, conspiracy no.

The vastness of the mind can be scary to many people. It’s an object which we all have but really never think about. The reason for that is simple: It’s too damn difficult to think!

Thinking is hard work. Remember in grade school how you had to think about that math problem or the sentence structure? You would rather be outside than doing homework. I know because even now as I write this I would rather be doing something else. What I don’t know, but something else. Why? Because thinking about how to write this post takes effort, and most of us avoid effort. I know I’m an expert at it.

Huh. Do you even know what you’re talking about?

Yes. The mind and the proper use of the mind, and how, if we don’t control our thoughts, we will let others control them for us. The politicians, liberals, and elites have learned this lesson and apply it well. Consequently we become pawns in their plans, whatever those plans may be at the moment.

When you refuse to take control of your mind, you are essentially giving someone else permission to do so. Self-help gurus know this and so they spend a lot of time on encouraging you to “think” about what you want.

So can I prove all this? Yes. There were two events which happened in Washington D.C. recently. I’m sure you heard of them, one for sure. Two “ladies” (I use the term very loosely) went on a tirade and spoke to the group. One wanted to blow up the White House, the other, just plain vulgar.

Now the “stated” purpose of this meeting was never really made clear, at least not to me. Thousands of people are protesting something. I gave up trying to figure out what but I would not be surprised if the majority of these “protesters” even had an idea of why they were there.

The second item was the Pro-Life march. Now that I can understand. Every person who attended that event knew exactly why they were there, and what the purpose was. There was absolutely no doubt of what the event was. They could see “within” and also the possibilities available to them.

So two marches but only one got the attention of the main stream media. The vulgar group got all the press coverage, hence the 15 minutes of fame. The other nothing. The vulgar group was made to sound like every person in America agreed with them. The other group was portrayed as whack jobs for wanting to stop the senseless murder of babies. So being vulgar is normal and saving innocent lives is abnormal. That is what you are led to believe. Unfortunately those who never think believe this garbage.

In other words, mind control. The vulgar group has proven they will not think for themselves. They can, they just don’t want to. What they see “within” has been planted there by individuals with evil in their heart. They manipulate the weak mind to do their bidding. Then reinforce that thought process with the power of television and the 15 minutes of fame.

When you take control of your mind, your thoughts, then it is you and you alone who controls your destiny. The vulgar group lost all hope of controlling their life and by extension allowed the manipulators to determine their future. There were many bad things which happened during that vulgar march and those elements will return in the future to haunt, and possibly destroy any positive potential the recipients and participants may have. It’s a natural law of the universe: What goes around comes back around, and depending upon the intent, will bite you in the ass.

This is the power of the mind. And you, the individual, are the only one who can control it, move it, and manipulate it in a positive direction. Or let someone else influence you and fall prey to their agenda.

Your future is yours and yours alone. This is a selfish endeavor, a very selfish endeavor, but it must be because it belongs to you and you alone. Now this is not to say others cannot enjoy your future, they can. Your spouse, your kids, your family can all embrace your future but only you can live it.

You cannot live the future of your spouse. Only your spouse can live that future. The same with your kids. Yes you brought them into the world, you raised them, clothed them, fed them, but you cannot live their life for them. Their future belongs to them and when they are old enough to determine what they want they will make it known. Just as you did with your parents.

So now the question is: What do I want?

Do I want to be part of the vulgar group, mindless robots under the control of strangers, or do I want to be part of a group which knows that life has so much more to offer, and is sacred to behold. To put it bluntly and as a side note – you cannot be for abortion and be free to think as an individual. Now I’m not going to get into abortion this post but the fundamental thought of freedom and manipulation is prevalent within the abortion community.

Assuming you are an independent thinker, an individual who wants a great future, then the fundamental question is what do I want and can I see it?

This means the mind must be able to see exactly what it is you want, within your imagination. This tool, called imagination, is the entity you use to build your future. Like a movie you can actually see your life unfold within your mind. And because it is yours, and extremely personal, it has the highest probability of becoming real.

This is the first step you need to take if you want to control your life and your future. But understanding how to get here can sometimes be overwhelming.

The two marches on Washington this week has allowed me the opportunity to see my future. I could go vulgar or I can go life. Each demonstration has a lesson, maybe several, to teach. That lesson is how do you control your mind? Do you take responsibility for your mind, or do you let someone else tell you what to think?

Let me take this one more step: Why does someone want to tell you what to think?

The answer is as old as humanity itself. Other people have always wanted to control other people. Our politicians, liberals, and elites are no different. It is a natural failing of the human race. I guess you could call it our default mode of existence.

Yet we have been given a marvelous item which allows us to rise above this primal mode of survival. That item is our mind, our brain. With it we can conquer our fears, our poverty, our life and we can emerge better and stronger than before.

There are a lot of tools we can use to make our life better but all are worthless unless we utilize the primary tool of visualization: The power to see ourselves within our own mind. It is the first step of conquering our primitive selves. In other words we empower visualization with our imagination.

And trust me when I say it is harder to do than to say. Real, honest self-thinking is the hardest job you will ever do. But it is also the only job which can and will give you a great life far beyond your dreams.