Moving the Universe

Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work. — A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

There are universal laws which govern the movement of the universe, laws created by intelligence greater than us. We often call this intelligence God. I also use the term Divine Providence, which, for me, includes the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

Now before you get all huffy and puffy and think this is a religious post, it ain’t. But I mention the above to point out the universal laws which guide us, help us, or destroy us, were created by a force that mortal man cannot compete with. Nor can mortal man change, improve on, or destroy these laws. They are what they are, and they are fixed in both time and space.

While these laws cannot be changed, improved, or destroyed they can be moved, and they can be moved in our favor or to our detriment. The interesting thing is we have the power to move them, use them, or abuse them. Hence the way we apply these laws is simply a matter of choice, a way of thinking. And this way of thinking is the only mechanism we can use to move the universe, either towards us or away from us.

Over the course of years I have noticed, by both experience and observation, that politicians and elites use these laws to their advantage, but coerce us into ignoring, by vilifying, their existence. The elites call this type of coercion compassion, understanding, and enlightenment.

By constantly hammering us, we the people, with the message “only government is capable of saving us” we began down a road to destruction, both nationally and individually. The political forces which have been in power constantly demean and diminish us as a nation and as an individual. In doing so they tell us, instruct us, and demand of us that we ignore the reality of these universal forces.

This attack upon universal law is more intense under Democrat rule than Republican, but it turns out the only difference between the two political forces was the intensity of the assault. In the end there is no philosophical difference between the two main parties. Until now.

Enter the Trump revolution.

Donald has shown us a different way, a way we the people always knew existed but had no way of implementing. While there are several aspects to this revolution, I want to focus this post on one aspect of it. I caught it during his thank you tour where he said we, as a country, should dream big again.

Contrast this remark with other political remarks, and anyone with a brain will realize the difference in the tone and substance of the message. Donald says dream big, the politician says forget the dream.

To prove this, one of the biggest deceptions given by the political forces is the absolute lie that money is pure evil. This Biblical statement, “Money is the root of all evil” is a total and complete lie. The reason is because of one word, one word left out of the statement: Love.

The true statement is: The Love of Money is the Root of all Evil. (First Timothy 6:10, King James Version)

Why is this point important? Manipulation and control of us, the people of this nation.

The left (liberal) political movement has hammered this lie into our brain for as long as I can remember, and I’m 65 years old. Even today we are told by the “experts” that being rich is unjust and evil. That rich people have all the money because they “stole” from the poor.

Yeah, right.

So Donald Trump won because he stole his billions from the poor? I don’t think so. I know he won because he is rich, and because he is rich, in my mind and the mind of others, he cannot be bought by any political entity. He won because he moved the universe in a unique but specific way. A way which defies political “wisdom”.

Yet we don’t need to be rich to move the universe. A good family, good shelter, good food, a good job, things common to us mortals can move the universe to our favor. The common misconception is the term “rich” which most people assume to mean lots of money. But family, shelter, food, a good job can also be applied to one being “rich” and successful. The “riches” of life is different to each of us and so is the concept of “moving the universe.”

So while the meaning of moving the universe is individual, the method of doing so is not. Each step of moving the universe is the same for obtaining a million dollars as it is for passing a test, getting a great spouse, or raising a great family. And this process begins in the mind.

As I mentioned, thought is the only mechanism available for moving the universe. There are three books I recommend you read if you want to move the universe in a positive manner. These are, in no particular order:

“Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude” is a must read if you want to move the universe towards you. Another book, “The Science of Getting Rich” is also a must read. The third book “Think and Grow Rich” also contains the elements required to move the universe. But more than that these books describe the basic universal laws and how they work, for or against you.

What these books have in common is what I call “old school” writing. That is they were written before political correctness came into being, which is why they are so effective. Let me make a point here: Political Correctness will NEVER allow you to move the universe in a positive direction. It will however, allow you to move the universe in a negative direction which will destroy you in numerous ways. Case in point: Steve Martin and his tweet about the late Carrie Fisher. Political correctness controls his life and makes him live in fear.

If you really and truly want to move the universe in a positive direction you must get rid of political correctness. You must throw it out with the trash and remove it from your life. But you may find this concept harder to do than not. PC has incorporated itself into our lives in so many ways, very dangerous ways, but every way is looked upon as a gentle and loving movement. Which is a lie within itself.

I’m not going to go into the concept of political correctness in this post but rather emphasize the fact that PC is an enemy, ready to pounce and strike anyone who leaves the PC arena. Hence getting a great life is in direct conflict with political correctness and the universe will tell you in straight terms: “Screw that!   No way will the universe help you if you embrace PC.”

Now lest ye think I jest, just remember criminals use universal law to their advantage as well. And they, the criminal element, are not politically correct in anything they do.

Universal law is neutral, meaning it works for good and evil. It is an equal opportunity law in every sense of the word.

If you are of a criminal mindset you can use universal law to your advantage. The results will be evil but you will get results. Now how long you benefit from these results is subject to another universal law: What goes around comes around. Because evil always, without exception, falls. It may take decades, but it falls and it falls hard.

The positive use of universal law, the positive desire to move the universe towards you, can have positive effects long after you leave this plane of existence. Effects which can affect generations yet unborn. Our Founding Fathers are perfect examples of this concept.

My experience has been the positive use of universal law moves the universe better than negative use of the laws. However the intensity of moving the universe, well that is something else entirely and something I want to save for another post.

This post has given you an introduction to the power of moving the universe, and has given you a perfect example of it: Donald Trump.

Anybody can move the universe by applying the laws which govern the power of the universe. The sad reality is most people won’t, which is why the election of Donald Trump shows great promise. The elite forces want to keep you down, to keep you subjugated to their will and their power. So far, from what I have seen, Donald has the opposite view. He wants you to succeed, to live the American dream, to grow the American dream.

Will he succeed? I think he will but not without help, our help. The tasks before him are huge, but then again so were his chances at getting elected. He has a mandate from us the people and I believe he will do his best to fill that mandate. Yet one thing is sure, it is we the individual who controls our destiny, our future, not Donald Trump. Donald encourages us to be our best, but does not want to control us like the PC crowd does.

The political elites demoralized us, ridiculed us, and punished us for trying to succeed. Their day is ending and ours is just beginning. We can, as individuals, move the universe in our favor and in the favor our Founding Fathers laid out for us so many years ago. One man cannot do it alone, but together nothing can stop us.

The universe is waiting to be moved, and Donald Trump reminded, and showed, us that we can move it, if we want to, and if we want it badly enough.

So bottom line: Do you have the courage to move your universe?