Years End

Government Help

Our government help

Goodbye 2021. You weren’t as bad as 2020 but you still posed problems, problems politicians took advantage of.

As 2022 approaches political fear is the watchword of the day. But… I have a feeling 2022 is going to be full of surprises for the political class. Surprises they are not going to like.

This country has faced many perils in its history and survived. We will survive this attack by liberal elites as well. True there will be much pain before Karma strikes, but strike it will. And it will strike the liberal elites hard.

On another note:

This post and my website will change, how I am still working on. While the basic message of GPMCC will stay the same some elements of the design will change, again.

I am not happy with the current design of this blog so this element will transform, as well as the Quick Blog. I expect these changes to take effect in the first quarter of 2022.

My voice isn’t big but I have a voice and I intend to express it more than I have in the past. I haven’t written very many blogs this year, a deficiency I intend to correct in 2022. While my desire to speak out has always been there my expression has not. I have failed to write not only these blogs but other elements as well.

I did not realize how burned out from working 50 hours a week I was until I took this vacation. As a result I am using this time to organize my thoughts and my actions for next year. I can’t do anything about my 50 hour work week, but I can organize my free time more efficiently. I lost sight of that fact in 2021.

This is my last post for 2021 so with that I encourage you to make 2022 a great year for you and your family. If you make any resolutions make one of them a resolve to stop living in Covid fear. The only person you are hurting is yourself and the people you are empowering are the political masters, slave masters. You are better than that, so act like it.

Bottom line: Live Free or Die in Fear. Your choice.

Happy New Year, and have a blessed 2022.


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I am a technical writer with over 30 years of writing experience in a variety of subjects and topics, covering a wide range of industries, but specializing in aviation. I have lived in the San Diego California area since 1972 for the most part but spent some years in Japan and Alaska, thanks to the United States Navy. I retired from the Navy in 1992, having served 20 years of active duty in the aviation field.
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