Politicians and Individual Power

To know your limits is a state of self-delusion. — Bill Purdin

Do you know how much power you have? Contrary to your own belief you have been given a great amount of power just for being you. Unfortunately most of us don’t know how to, or refuse to apply our power to enhance our lives.

We have been told consistently in order to obtain the “American Dream” we must work decades for a company, get promoted, get married, buy a house, have 2.5 kids, and retire with the gold watch. Depending upon your age as you read this it will sound so familiar. For the younger set, the initial response should be “Whatcha you talkin’ about?”

The American dream has changed drastically for everyone including, and especially, the meaning of it. What the dream is for one person is not the same for another. Be that as it may the concept remains constant from generation to generation.

We all want to live a better life and that is the actual definition of the American dream. Unfortunately most of us live paycheck-to-paycheck not realizing it is we, the individual who actually sets the amount of our paycheck. If we negotiate for a penny we will get a penny. If we negotiate for a dollar we will get a dollar. But if we negotiate for a million dollars we will get a million dollars.

So who are we negotiating with? Life.

Yes Life is the entity we must demand our wages from. And the dirty little secret is Life will pay us exactly what we demand, no more no less. We, as individuals set the pay scale for that is how much power we possess. Yet with all this power at our command most of us work for pennies and not dollars. So whose fault is that?

We allow ourselves to be controlled and manipulated by other people whose sole agenda is to enhance their well being at the cost of our own. We currently call these types of people politicians.

We are of the mistaken belief that politicians know all so they must command all. We mistakenly believe that because they were elected to a government office they are infallible, which according to the main stream media is true for Democrats and liberals and not true for Republicans and conservatives.

The truth is these political types applied for a job and were either hired or not hired. Haven’t you been in the same position? It’s called a job interview. It’s no more complicated than that.

Why do I mention all this? Because today, the world we live in at this moment is being manipulated by these political types and their message is strong and clear: “You cannot succeed without government help!”

Since when did these political types become the expert for and over your life? It is you and you alone who negotiates with the entity of Life on how you will live your life. And the entity of Life is not at the whim of some political hag. Yet these politicians trick you into thinking since you owe your existence to them you must worship them as your redeemer.

I’m sorry but the last time I looked a great many politicians are telling us that babies are nothing more than a disease to get rid of. So in that sense maybe the politicians are correct, you do owe your existence to them because for some unknown reason they didn’t abort, I prefer the term murder, you in the womb. It is these same politicians, those who encourage the cold blooded murder of an innocent child, who actually believe your life belongs to them.

You can stop this madness but you choose not to. Why? Because you have been conditioned and brainwashed to believe that a certain type of politician is good and can do no wrong while another type of politician is evil and must be destroyed. Can anyone say IRS scandal?

You and you alone allow yourself to become the pawn in this game of greed and lust for power. Their lust, their power leaving you to beg for the table scraps of the elites.

But… You refuse to use your power, a power which can move mountains, yes mountains, to take control of your life and your destiny. A God given power which can change your life forever.

In 2008 the message was one of hope and change. On the strength of this message we elected an individual who made history in this country. However what many failed to consider was the political aspect of the message. People believed one man could give them hope and change their life not realizing politicians in general don’t want you to have hope, any hope. What today’s politicians want is for you to believe you need them, your life is worthless without them. Here’s a little tip: A politician could, but never gives you hope but they will give you change. And their concept of change is good for them and bad for you.

So my question is has your life changed for the better or for the worse over these last few years? For many the answer is for the worse. Only the select few have received the promise of a much better life. Why is that? I’ll leave you to ponder and answer that question.

Hope and change can happen but it all depends upon you to make it happen. No one, not I, not a politician, not a movie star, no one can make your life the way you want it. How you want to live your life is completely dependent upon you and you alone.

So you may ask yourself a common question: “How do I give myself hope?”

Yet I will lay odds this question turns into: “Who am I kidding, I voted for hope and change and the only change I got was rotten!”

So what about hope? Where is it in all this mess?

I come back to individual power, your power. You have it within you; you have always had it within you to make your life better. Yet you have been told, you have been brainwashed into believing to have money is evil thus it is wrong. So you are caught in a trap of your own making, set by the very people, politicians included, who want to manipulate you into doing their will. Can you say The Occupy Movement?

You allow yourself to be manipulated like a puppet on a string but I say cut those strings and begin to live your own life, your own way.

You may not know how to make your life better. You may not know where to start. You may feel lost in this jungle, this maze of confusion and disbelief. Let me assure you that you are not alone with these feelings.

After decades of dumb-down education most people do not know how to take control of their destiny. Hence when a politician comes along and promises to make their life better the people believe. Only one problem, the politician lied (surprise, surprise) and instead of making lives better the opposite happened.

When you give up your God given power to control your life you are forced to accept the measly handouts of the political elite, and they call it compassion. After all compassion is a politician’s first, middle, and last name, but let a politician encourage you to accept responsibility for your own life and all hell breaks loose!

Are you tired of being manipulated? Then take control of your life. Where do you start? My website, gpmcc.com has some links on the Motivation page you can start with. From there move on to the library and book stores. Barnes and Nobel is a great place to shop for books.

It matters not where you start, but start. And start today.