Free is Only Make-Believe

Nothing is free – Someone always pays the price. GP McClure

There is no such thing as “free”. There never has been, there never will be. Someone always pays the price, in some manner, in some way. The price could be in dollars or time spent, but for something to be free it has to be paid for. Only in a liberal’s make-believe world does “free” anything exist.

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So why is this word so effective? In simple terminology it appeals to our primal instincts, the most basic denominator of our emotions. Everyone, yes even me, loves something that is free, no matter what that something is. And there is nothing wrong with this concept provided it is not carried to extreme. However in today’s world and economy everyone wants everything for free. No longer are people content with earning something of value, rather the feelings now exist that everything should be given to “me” because “I” deserve it. Really? Why?

As I mentioned there is nothing wrong with giving away something for free. I do it myself on my website by providing free downloads which I hope you find useful and entertaining. However I had to write and assemble this data in order to provide it to you. This took time and effort on my part so I “paid the price” in terms of time and effort so that you may have something for “free.” That was my choice, and my pleasure. But, yes there is a “but,” I have an ulterior motive – I want you to come back and visit this website. And I want you to visit my affiliates and, when it’s available, buy my eBook, all with the intentions of making money on this website. Thus I am investing time in something to “entice” you to return and buy something.

This marketing ploy is common in the business world and highly effective. Companies give away “free” samples of their product all the time hoping you like it enough to buy the full product. Another example if you look in the common areas of shopping centers and stores you will find “free” magazines and other publications which you may find of interest and benefit. So while these items are free for you, someone had to pay for them, all in the hopes of you buying something they are selling.

Libraries are not free as you have to return the material you “borrowed.” So while you may say that libraries are free someone has to pay for the electricity, the building, the books, and of course pay the staff. And who is that someone? Generally it is the taxpayer, us. So it can be said that government services are not free as the services are paid for by the taxpayer in the form of confiscatory taxes.

The only things that are truly free are those items which can never be purchased. The moon, the stars, the sun, and individual dreams are perfect examples.

Each of us go through life with dreams and aspirations yet over the last few years we have been “conditioned” to believe that those who are well off have gained their prominence at the expense of someone else. The classic lie being, “if one is wealthy, that wealth was taken from the poor.” Someone had to suffer to make someone else rich. This lie has been repeated by the forces against the American dream so often it is now considered truth. But it is still a lie.

The “class envy” approach works, and it works very well because obtaining success is not free, it requires work, time, and dedication, which many among us refuse to do. It is much easier to destroy than to build, and destroying dreams is what the forces of America’s destruction excel at. The words these people use are seductive, easy to understand, and enticing. Yet they come with a price, a heavy price. That price can be summed up as destroying human dignity and self-respect. In order to close the sale the purchaser must be willing to give up their dreams, aspirations, and future to the false promise of getting something free. Thus the idea of taking from one who has spent years building a life and fortune and distributing it to someone who has not built anything is alluring to the weak and lazy among us.

Someone always pays the price, nothing is free. God paid the price when He created the universe but He willingly gave his creation away to us. Thus giving away and taking away are opposites of the equation. So when government officials demand that we pay our fair share, what exactly does that mean?

I’m not rich but I pay a lot in taxes and still this government wants more and more from me. It seems like politicians have a real bad sex habit: They can’t keep their wallet in their pants and they demand we keep it full of cash. Government officials rape and pillage the citizens of this country because they can and they know they will never be held responsible for any immoral action they take. Most of these officials are not elected and thus they are unaccountable to the owners of this great land, so they, with regularity, destroy a life and it is perfectly legal to do so.

Currently we find that we are coming to a fork in the road. One road leads to total collapse and destruction. This is the socialist path and the one our current government is leading us on. The other leads to prosperity and fulfillment. One path leads up the mountain to magnificent views and breathtaking opportunities, the other down into the pit of despair, misery, and destruction.

The path that leads down is extremely easy to follow, requires no commitment, and just a little bit of loyalty to the ones who promise the stars but delivers only sand. The rewards of this path are not evident until late in life when one looks back and ask with regret, “Why didn’t I take the other path?” It is a question that haunts the individual up to and maybe beyond death.

The path that leads up is full of rocks and obstacles, and sometimes it is steep and treacherous. It is not easy to follow and sometimes disappears altogether. It requires self-reliance and determination to climb. While it is not easy the rewards can be astounding. And the view from the top: Indescribable and filled with contentment.

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Both paths are clearly marked and both require that a price be paid. What that price is determines the value of your life.

Whichever path you choose you will always live with the consequences, but the beautiful thing is you can always choose to go up at any time until there comes the time in your life where trying to climb up is no longer an option. And you will die never knowing freedom all because you believed that a politician was going to give you something for free. He did, he gave you wretchedness and desolation and you gave him your life, your fortune, and your happiness.

So… If you choose the path of “free”, well then welcome to the Occupy movement.

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