New Vision, New Direction

Ok I don’t know about the direction part but for sure a new vision. After much consideration I decided to go with a new theme. Now I know it needs some work but the prospects are very promising with this theme as it allows better viewing on a mobile device and will allow me to become more creative.

Now to be honest I really liked my last theme but times change and so does technology. I needed something that could boost my views and be very pleasant about it. I still have a lot to tweak, visual changes I want to make, so expect this site to change some more. But for today this works.

GPMCC is more devoted than ever to creating value for you the reader. Yet that may be a misnomer. I recently read an article about creating value and this guy made a lot of sense. In a nutshell he made me realize that I cannot create value for you, but what I can do is create an opportunity, via my writing, for you to create your own value. The goal of GPMCC has not, and will not change but should be enhanced with this new vision.

The GPMCC goal is to help you realize how you are being manipulated by political forces and how the main stream media controls your thinking. In fact the goal of the main stream media these days is to divide the country. They will never admit it but their actions, their words, their deeds speak volumes on this subject. My job, my desire is to help you realize it.

The opportunity I plan to create is directed at helping you analyze, evaluate, and measure what these forces are doing to you, to your family, to your self-esteem, to our country. And I intend to ask questions: Why do these forces act the way they do? What do they really want?

The answer is simple: Power and money. Emphasis on power.

Yes greed is a powerful thing and in the wrong hands it can lead to disaster. GPMCC was created to help you see this, and hopefully in clear detail. I cannot motivate you, only you can do that, but I can write words that will help you ask questions, strong, powerful questions. I have a long way to go in this department and updating this blog is just a part of it.

I look forward to this change, for it is a beneficial for me as I hope it will be for you.