It is amazing how fast time flies, especially when you get older. It was only yesterday when I was 21, full of life and hopes, and dreams. I often wondered where I would be when I turned 50. Well I found out and now I’m still wondering if I will be around when I turn 70.

I look at my website and I realize just how much I have ignored it over the past few months. Not good, not good at all. I get too caught up in making a paycheck and don’t spend enough time creating a life.

I keep a journal of my daily efforts but I even let that slide for five days. And I never let that slide. I am religious about keeping my thoughts updated so I cannot forgive myself for letting five days go by without an update.

Time is both our best friend and worst enemy. This is why time management is becoming a critical part of my life now. I should have engaged in the time management effort many years ago, I was trained in it over 30 years ago.

But I got stupid, and stayed stupid. It is not too late but I must develop a strategy in order to make my remaining days the best they can be. I am running out of lifetime and that is one thing I have absolutely no control over. But I do have control over the remaining time I have and I have every intention of making the most of it.