Taking the Plunge

Well I made the decision today to take the plunge into creating an online store. So what’s the big deal you ask. Well for me it’s kinda of a big thing. Call it my age or just being an old fart, it’s a new experience for me. Not selling, shoot that’s old hat, but the online store, that’s something new and different.

A lot of things happened today which I did not anticipate. The online store and then the paperwork for starting a different adventure arrived. I do not know how anything will work out but I decided to take the chance. And that is what this small post is all about.

I’m working on my main blog and intend to have it published by this Friday, 27 May 2016. It is a topic which supplements this one, values. I decided to explore this topic in deeper detail and one of the aspects is to create value for my readers. If I have any readers.

Bottom line, writing on this particular topic, values, has inspired me to expand my comfort zone, to take action to improve my lot in life, hence my decision to finally put up an online store. So yeah, for me it’s a really big thing.

So what elements of life is holding you back? Do you dare to explore outside your comfort zone, or do you just wish to sit and hope that someday, a someday that will never come, your life will get better.

Not for me. I’m too old, too tired to sit on my ass anymore and wait for life to get better. I’ll be dead and it will never get better if I just sit and wait. Hence the online store.

And you thought it was no big deal…