Dream, then Dream Some More

I thank God for my handicaps, for through them, I have found myself, my work and my God. — Helen Keller

Dreams are dangerous things. Dangerous to those who seek power and dominance over others that is. As free individuals we can dream big, marvelous dreams and if we work smart we can make those dreams become reality. This freedom, the freedom to dream, build and create is what scares socialist, tyrants, and dictators to death. And the reason is simple: the human flesh can be killed but an idea, a dream can never die. And it is the power of the dream that makes America exceptional.

We are a young nation as far as nations go, yet we have driven the world into new arenas and new ways of thinking. This style of freedom cannot be tolerated by tyrants, dictators, and our current crop of legislators.

I read the stories about how the lemonade cops are cracking down on children and their “unauthorized” lemonade stand. I read where the homeowners associations forbid the flying of the American flag, and where schools are forbidden to say the Pledge of Allegiance because the word “under God” is deemed a national religion.

I go to the hardware store to buy new light fixtures but cannot buy the proper lights because the good old fashion 100 watt light bulb causes “global warming”. So I have to buy bulbs that won’t work and that I don’t want. Goodbye Easy Bake Oven.

Thus Government control is now the norm and this being the case dictatorship does not lag far behind.

Our dreams are being destroyed because they “offend” someone. The guilty becomes the victims and the victims become the guilty. Common sense is no longer a viable option as it has been replaced with page upon page upon page of legalese nonsense. Trial lawyers rule the day and liberalism is the god of all.

Christianity is under attack from all sides and the liberal god forbids that we protect Israel from dangerous enemies. The evil that attacked us ten years ago on 9-11 is now the driving force for “good” in the world. And what is this good? Only the complete and utter destruction of the United States. It must be true as the main stream media tells us it is so.

Yet with all this mayhem and chaos in the country the light of truth cannot be extinguished. That day in September 2001 had a profound and immediate impact upon every American who understood what was happening. And that genie can never be put back into the bottle.

There are those of us who still dream, we refuse to give up even though the world is against us. But while the world may be against us we shall prevail because we refuse to surrender to the false gods of liberalism and global warming.

I struggle every day to make ends meet, often choosing between paying bills and food. This struggle has a profound negative effect upon me but I refuse to give in. I have been hit from all sides from government intervention to physical ailments and disabilities. But I refuse to surrender. The only thing these negative forces have done is strengthen my resolve to succeed. It has thrown my timetable off that is true, but it has not stopped me.

If I can fight this fight against freedom and dreams so can you. I encourage you to never, never give up. Stay faithful to your dreams, believe and have faith that things are going to get better. Then work, work your faith with a plan of action.

However, and this is key for I am living it: if you see your plan of action is not creating the results you desire, then change directions, choose a new path to reach your dream. My path is blocked at the moment and I am at a loss for the moment to see the new path, but only for the moment. These physical problems I have been suffering with lately have allowed me to take a break and re-evaluate my plan of action.

The message: Never give up. Never, ever give up. You and I, keeping the faith and working that faith, well with all that going for us how can we fail?