Going Crazy

The main stream media (MSM) and the Republican establishment has got to be going crazy. No matter what they try, no matter what tactics they employ to destroy The Donald and Big Ben, it always come back and kicks them in their backside.

Big Ben just said that thanks to the MSM he was able to raise an additional 3.5 million this week alone due solely to their attacks. That has got to be driving these liberals crazy, after allĀ  it’s not the way Republicans are suppose to play the game. The Republicans are expected to bend over and take it in the backside, and then thank the Democrats for the opportunity of being shafted. That is the tactic Jeb Bush is using and it’s works with his campaign. Can anybody say “re-set”?

Then there is The Donald. He hosted Saturday Night Live (SNL) and from all preliminary reports those ratings are going through the roof. I did not get a chance to watch it live, but I did record it for viewing at a later date. For someone who was suppose to be politically dead months ago The Donald is still leading almost everywhere (I still don’t believe the 14 point spread however.) and that alone is responsible for driving these liberals off the cliff.

So the point, the MSM and the Republican establishment is, and probably will be, after all this is over, committed to the asylum for the liberal insane. After all Big Ben and The Donald are driving these people crazy.

And I love it.