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The Source of all Improvement Begins with Self...

Welcome to the page that could change your life, if you desire such a change.

In this economy each of us feels the pressure of daily living. The worse part is, this is all uncalled for. Our situation is the consequence of political actions which benefit a few and deny opportunity for the majority, all in the name of "fairness" and "compassion".

So I ask: What's fair about denying someone the opportunity to make money? What's fair about taking wealth from one person and giving it to another all for the benefit of political points? If you worked years to earn a good life for yourself then what is fair about stealing your life savings and "distributing" it to someone who refuses to work? This is fairness? This is compassion?

It's rape at best and our current form of government, populated by political con artist, supported by the main stream media, is telling you that this rape, stealing your hard earned life is good for you, so enjoy it. I beg to differ, a lot. What gives a politician the right to tell you, you can't be successful? What gives a politician the right to dictate to you how you should live? And if you do not live your life "a special way", meaning their way, then you are condemned, ridiculed, and destroyed. All in the name of "compassion" of course.

To Be More...

This page and this website exist to help and motivate you into being more than you think you are. You are unique, you are special, and you are an American, an American with every right to obtain and enjoy the American dream. But the current crop of politicians will not permit you to do so. Hence we have the economy we have because it is now "fashionable" to punish success.

Embrace the Change

You can change your life if, and only if, you want to. No one can do it for you, you must do it all by yourself. And here's a little secret, success ain't easy. It was never meant to be easy. Success is meant to teach you to be better, to have confidence in yourself, and to help others along the way.

The majority of men and women alive today won't attempt to be successful because it takes work, sometimes hard work, and good old fashion work is something to be shunned and cursed these days. People want what success brings but refuse to pay the price required for it. Hence this is called "unfair" because one person worked their backbone off and another didn't.

Today we punish the one who works and reward the lazy bums among us. After all it would be unfair for the lazy to work. But you are not like that. You want to improve yourself, to help yourself. You know there is more to life than what we are currently living and you want that improvement. How do I know? Because you are reading this page.

I designed this page to help you help yourself. The links in the sidebar will help you get started with improving your life. To start I recommend you visit the Daily Motivator, a website I visit daily and before I visit any other site. The proprietor, Ralph Marston provides a wisdom which can only be delivered with the help of a Higher Intelligence. His words of motivation often saves my day, especially when the day is starting off rotten. If you visit only one site from this website, visit this one.

Living a Life or Just Life?

Most of us just make a living, we never live a full and wonderful life. We never enjoy all the blessings and opportunities this world has to offer. And it has a lot to offer. I hear the argument we are destroying the planet just by living on it. Well the people who make that argument must not like living, either that or they want more of your money in the form of taxes. I vote for the latter. Take away the tax money from these so-called "environmental" causes and see just how committed these people are in their belief that people are destroying the planet. I would lay odds that they would just fade away like a bad... well you finish the sentence.

Challenge the Claims

So what has all this to do with self-motivation?

When you add in the political issues it becomes clear we are being manipulated by hostile forces which claim to be our friend and savior. However when you challenge the claims, that humans, especially Americans, are destroying the planet on an intellectual level it can't stand on it's own legs. When challenged logically the lies wilt and die before your eyes. Hence the lies are based upon "emotion", a method to increase taxes, and a method to control your life.

Emotion lies frequently, but logic never lies, but it can also be very sour to the taste.

Let me offer you a concept you may have never considered. The crust of the Earth, the layer we live on, is approximately 22 miles in depth (average). It varies with mountains and ocean depths, but on average about 22 miles. The crust contains all the minerals we have come to rely on in the modern age. Things like coal, oil, diamonds, gold, everything comes from the crust of the Earth but is actually created deeper inside the planet and forced to the surface.

Now, if I recall correctly the deepest anyone has ever drilled is about six miles. I could be wrong, but I'm sure it's not 22 miles. So, if we have only penetrated the crust by a few of thousand feet at best, and we obtain the raw materials for life from just the locations we know about, what about those areas we haven't explored yet? What fantastic and amazing things have we not discovered but are just waiting for us to find and utilize?

So the question becomes how can we run out of raw material if we haven't discovered all of them yet? The material we use for living may be finite but it will definitely outlast the human race by millions if not billions of years. No... we are not destroying the planet, we are just denying doomsayers tax money. So the only thing that hinders the human race from achieving more than it ever has is political power, not natural resources.

Life is meant to be lived, and this planet was made to support all of us. If we, as individuals, fail to live up to our potential then we fail to live the life we were created to live. And that is the real crime. A crime against humanity, against the individual, and against Divine Providence. When we deny ourselves the opportunity to live a full and complete life we are in fact denying God the opportunity to live in and through us. That is on the positive side. On the negative side it is Satan, the Devil which lives and thrives in the rotten core of humanity. Drug dealers, hustlers, con artist, the worst of humanity all give Lucifer his due and his reward.

So I must ask: Where do you stand?

Challenge Yourself

Looking back at the 2008 election, what was the main theme? Hope and Change. The result of the election is not important, at least not on this page. What is important is the message: Hope and Change. That message is still alive, still vibrant, and still resonates with the population.

People need to have hope, hope for a better future, hope for a better life. However today's reality is just the opposite yet we must remember these dark days will pass and the sun will shine again, and it will shine brightly. What we as individuals have to do is get over this current state of negativity and pessimism that now surrounds us, and we do that by starting with self. In essence we must challenge ourselves to become better, more productive, and more aware of what is happening to us both as a nation and as an individual.

It is very difficult to have a "positive mental attitude" when bills are high, food is scarce, and jobs are non-existence. But even in this climate others have gone through far worse. The holocaust is such an example. Many innocent people died during that atrocity, the criminal activity of one leader. Yet some survived and they did so by looking within themselves for hope and strength. Each of us can do the same, but only if we have a desire to do so.

It's not easy and examining one's self is probably the hardest thing an individual can undertake. When you examine yourself you just don't look on the surface you go deep into your own psyche, you examine every mistake, every misspeak, every missed opportunity you ever had. And then you forgive yourself for each and every one of those items. Completely and totally forgiveness of yourself. You're damn right it's hard.

Your life will never change until you decide to change it. Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. You know, just like political thinking. If you want to change, really change, you must do the following:

  • Take total and complete control of your life.
  • Take total and complete responsibility for your life.
  • Make a firm decision to change.
  • Seek out others who have achieved greatness from despair beginnings. A library is a great place for this information.
  • STAY PERSISTENT. This one item is the glue that holds it all together.

Don't expect miracles, but do hold yourself accountable for progress. You can't change yourself overnight. There might be exceptions, but they are very few and very far between. But persistence, fueled by desire for change will create the change you seek.

As this page is constantly evolving, growing, changing I encourage you to check back often for updates. It is my intention to spend a lot of time on this subject, both here and in my blog. Even this write-up will change as I consider new directions and opportunities. But for now click on the links provided, they will take you to websites which can help and assist you with your change. And don't worry, these few links are just the tip of the iceberg, I have more where they came from.