I have been observing the main stream media (MSM) and their obsession in trying to destroy Donald Trump. They cannot get over the fact Hillary lost. There are many reasons Hillary lost but one reason, obscure to be sure, she may have lost is because of the MSM.

All during the campaign the MSM decided, and vilified, us Trump voters as the scum of the earth. I think, I could be wrong but I don’t think so, it was this attitude towards us that helped Donald win.

Now my latest observation: The MSM and most of the politicians are enemies of Donald Trump. We out here in the real world see this. We are in fact the forgotten voter. The MSM and politician forgot about us then as they are now.

We the people which make this country work see all this hatred. We know who is responsible for it. To this end we are angry, not just a little but a lot. But we also know how to fix this mess and we have been shown the power we the voter, the forgotten voter, has.

The hatred the MSM and politician has towards Trump reflects upon us. So instead of learning a lesson from the last election the hatred towards us, and Donald Trump continues to emanate from these arrogant and elite forces. And this leads to my prediction: The MSM and political elite will encourage, and ensure their defeat in 2018. The current political forces will be replaced with stronger, fairer forces in that election. All thanks to the main stream media.

No one is saying to agree with Donald all the time. There is a lot of room for discussion and compromise. As there should be. But blatant hatred cannot stand and the political forces, supported, and endorsed, by the MSM will be the authors of their own political defeat.

It should be fun to watch.