Hot, Very Hot, and No Water

I guess the global warming crowd would call this… global warming. Me… I call it summer.

It is hot and humid for this part of the country, Southern California. True we are in a desert but here along the coast the climate stays fairly comfortable. I’m further inland so our temperatures do get a little higher. Still what is intriguing about this year is the humidity… very unusual. Which makes me think, from experience, that we may be in for a very wet winter. Only time will tell.

We have been in a drought for several years now and our water supply is dangerously low. While we can’t control the drought conditions we can manage water better. It is estimated that at least 50% of our rain water flows back into the ocean, with some estimates as high as 75%.

So why is this? Well some of us remember Moonbeam (our governor Jerry Brown) from the 1970’s. His policies of the day ensured no new dams or reservoirs would ever be built in this state again. Hence water management  chaos. Government style.

Now Moonbeam wants us to pay for his idiocy. We can’t water our yard, we can’t use too much water or we get heavy fines, hence he is controlling the way we live. Of course that may have been his plan all along. He is after all a Democrat liberal – Protector of the rich and Hollywood.

Nobody seems to remember his policies of the day, and if they do they are keeping quiet. I am referring of course to the State Controlled Media. Still people get what they vote for and the majority seems to like it, that is the torture and slavery this state imposes upon them.

So why don’t I move? I would love to but my situation makes it very difficult, if not impossible to move… At this time. I’m working on a change, but it takes time.

My solace is that I live in the San Diego area, a military town, my type of town. Any other place… forget it. This town is still fairly conservative (but I fear that may be changing) and the area I live in is very conservative. But state controlled slavery is making life impossible for us conservatives. But never fear this state will soon be known as North Mexico and passports will soon be required to enter and leave this ex-state of the Union.

Sorry, got side tracked.

So remember… While you are made to believe we are destroying the climate with all this heat… it’s only summer.

The rest of it is political hot air.