Expect the Best

Are you worthy? The absolute answer is: Yes, yes you are.

We all cut ourselves short thinking that others are far more worthy than we are. It is our human condition for us to think this way. Yet here is something you may have not have considered: Politicians have learned how to tap into this human weakness and use it against you.

Instead of trying to build you up politicians are always telling you that you need them to level the playing field in the game of life. Instead of lifting you up these politicians pull others down and call it “fairness”. Let me tell you something, Life Ain’t Fair. Never has been, never will be. The sooner you learn that lesson the happier you will be.

I know sounds contradictory but it is statement of fact. By realizing life isn’t fair you can begin to make it better for yourself. When you make life better for yourself you become happier. Why? Because you build up your own self-esteem, you become more confident, you become better than you think you are.

Here’s another tidbit of life to consider: When you bring others down to your level, how does that help your life? Does it make you better? Does destroying others increase your life? Does it make you happier? Does destroying others put food on your table?

Answer these questions then decide if you are better off destroying others or if you are better off learning from others.

You have the ability to be better today than you were yesterday. And tomorrow you can be even better.

Think about it.