Every once in awhile a change needs to occur in our life. This statement coming from someone who hates change, yet change is the only constant in life and if we close our eyes to it we lose so much. But here is a fact of life: Change will come upon you whether you want it or not. So your choice is to sit back, do nothing and let change control you, or take control of your life and the changes you will encounter.

Change need not be dreaded, if we know what to look for and how to handle it. True some changes take us by surprise and can be devastating. We, as a family, have suffered those types of changes and our lives were changed forever.

Still some changes can be good, extraordinary in fact. When they take us by surprise they can also change our lives.

The best change of all are the ones we plan for, work for, and want. These types of changes we refer to as GOALS. We may work years in order to implement the change we want, but if we persist and never give up or give in, we will succeed in obtaining the change we desire.

I spent a lot of time thinking about changes to this blog, and the main blog, hence the new look and feel. I still have much to do but more than that I have much to learn. I will, with persistence and time, learn what I need in order to make these changes work for me. You can do the same if you want, but it means taking control of your life.

So welcome to the new format and realize that change may not be all that bad, it mostly depends upon your attitude.