Values: Vision Part 1

Here are the values that I stand for: honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you want to be treated and helping those in need. To me, those are traditional values. — Ellen DeGeneres

In this installment of the Value series I want to discuss the value of vision and how it affects us as a nation.

Now I am very aware of the fact that values, vision, and mission statements exist within companies and businesses and how, if properly implemented benefit those entities. But that is not the mission of this particular blog installment.

No, what I want to discuss is how values, political values especially, affect each of us. Most notably how political values can actually destroy our lives, in every sense of the word.

In part 4 we discussed Leadership qualities and I know one cannot have leadership qualities without some type of vision. The elements are like twins; inseparable Siamese twins would be a more accurate description. Remove one, both qualities die.

In a business/corporation the Vision drives the direction of the business. Yes I know some businesses ignore their vision statement but on the whole most business entities follow it as best as possible. People also have vision statements, and yes they developed some type of leadership skill to accompany their statement. Granted it may not be earth shaking but it is there, it has to be because I reiterate, you cannot have a vision without a leadership skill. And vice versa.

Visions often drive goals and goals often define visions. The two elements go hand-in-hand but they can be different depending upon the circumstances. More often than not visions are extremely constructive, helpful, and designed to guide the people along a specific path.

Vision helps you determine what works and doesn’t work so you can make corrections when needed as needed. A proper vision encourages you, but not only on the personal side but the business side as well. Elements with vision tends to be more stable, more reliable, and much happier than those elements without any type of vision at all.

A valid vision helps remove the negative elements found within the human species. Vision is a value, and when properly utilized can solve any problem and empower any man or woman. A properly utilized vision also defines strength, which creates the courage to do the correct and proper thing. And this “correct and proper” thing is applicable to both personal and business settings.

Vision is character and the vision statement defines what that character is and how it should act.

But lately visions have taken a deadly turn because the political entities of today use their vision to control and manipulate us, the people of this country.

Many political elements have a different image for this country other than what the Constitution calls for. The Constitution to many politicians is a major hindrance, an obstacle which needs to be overcome, perhaps even eliminated. So the question becomes why?

I won’t even pretend I know the answer because I cannot think that way. The mode of thinking, to destroy the Constitution, is so far out of my reality I cannot comprehend it. I may not comprehend or understand this mode of thinking but I can see the results of it. And the results are as plain as the noon day sun. And can burn just as hot.

Hence the destruction of America, as we understand it, becomes the vision for a set of individuals who believe, really believe that America is the premier evil in the world. And they set this vision as their goal to change us.

This vision to control and enslave has been around since the beginning of time, and it shows no sign of dying. In fact, with the advent of technology the desire to control fuels the vision of enslavement even faster. Add the social media elements and the vision takes on a life of its own.

The people who want to control us have been given a name by us the common folk. We call them Elitist. A name very fitting to their agenda because they think, and believe, they are much smarter than all of us. Their self-imposed smugness is actually a testament to their arrogance. And they are proud of it.

But things are changing, and not in their favor as revealed by two major, earth shaking elements. The first, Donald Trump. He is not suppose to even be in the race for President. According to the elites he will self-destruct any time now. Eh… How is that working out?

The second is the British vote to leave the EU. Again this was not suppose to happen. All the polls indicated the measure would fail. Well… Tell that to the people who voted to leave. Now we are being told that the vote was a mistake, buyer’s remorse. Yet the only ones with remorse are the elites who see their power slipping away.

The bottom line is a revolt in the world is happening and the losers are the elites. Only these individuals don’t yet realize just how much they are going to lose in the months and years ahead.

Change is coming, and it won’t be favorable to the elitist who snub their nose at the very people who placed them in office. In fact, the vision of the elitist is actually becoming a nightmare, one they cannot wake up from, nor believe.

But the facts of today prove this is no nightmare, this is reality. The vision of liberalism and elitist, a vision which worked for so many decades, is on the verge of destruction and self-implosion.

As we continue with this series we will explore these items in finer detail. We will investigate where the facts are taking us. We will explore the liberal mindset, the desire to use the age-old playbook of destruction and how that playbook is no longer relevant within this election cycle.