The Weapon

A man shall never be enriched by envy. — Draxe

For some reason this time of year produces two distinct types of emotions: depression and exhilaration. This year many of us find ourselves in the depression state, for a variety of reasons, the most pressing being the lack of money.

While a majority of us are still employed we find our dollars are rapidly becoming useless as the price of basic staples, food, shelter and the like, are becoming cost prohibited and we are not even considering the extras of life, like gifts. Those that are unemployed are having a much harder time and their depression state must hinge on unimaginable. Only I can imagine it because I have been there.

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Hollywood is complaining that no one is going to the movies because ticket sales are lower now than they have been in a long time. I wonder why. Could it be that ticket sales are off because unemployment is high, as much as 20%? Or could it be that the rich just aren’t buying tickets what with them not paying their fair share and all. Goodness gracious me, Land O-Goshen, what could be the trouble that Hollywood isn’t selling tickets?

For me I refuse to pay $20 or more for movie. I generally just wait until it comes out on DVD or HBO. Besides the topics of today’s movies leave a lot to be desired since they either bash the country, embrace immoral behavior, or make complete idiots of men. This makes movies not a real high priority on my must-see list. But I digress and get off-topic.

I look at the country today and ask how did we let this country get into this bad of shape? It is not an accident we are in this situation, because this mess has been conceived and executed with precision by leaders we elected. And it is we the ordinary people who must bear the burden of this mess while our elected leaders wine and dine in luxury on our tax money. They do this in the name of compassion you understand.

In reality what we have done, as voters, is execute a law which is responsible for everything that happens in the world. It is a law which carries with it the path to a rich and full life or a life full of misery and desolation. It is a universal law and it is called the law of “Cause and Effect.” And we have applied this law to our detriment.

This law simply states that actions have consequences and there is a specific reason for every consequence. Now I’m going to be talking a lot more about this law in the near future and how I have modified it to assist me in my time of need. Still you can use this law to your advantage right now and by the end of this post you will have a valuable tool you can use to help yourself.

Our elected leaders have done everything they can to destroy our self-reliance because a self-reliant person does not need a politician and today’s politician is so vain and self-absorbed they need the fawning of a dependent population worshiping them. This lust for power over the population and the need to be admired and loved is what drives today’s politician or basically any person of authority today, into creating unnecessary actions which hurt instead of helps people.

The politicians who have been in power for years are the driving force behind our predicament. They are known as “established” politicians and have forgotten how to serve those that elect them. But in the end they can’t control you, as much as they want, they can’t. For you are an individual, a thinking and capable individual. The problem is you forgot you are an individual. You have let yourself become the pawn of the politician, the very element politicians live for. Instead of taking control of your own life you have allowed your life to be dictated to by a complete stranger. So here we are at what should be the most wonderful time of year and most of us are miserable, because we have allowed ourselves to be miserable.

Cause and effect. Give your life to a stranger, especially today’s politician and your reward is misery and despair.

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Yet you can break the cycle. You and I may not have money for the holidays but money is only a scorecard, not who or what we are. We are individuals and we can choose what and how we think. You and I can create our own cause, we can choose to be peaceful within our own mind and enjoy the lights and sounds of Christmas. If we have food, shelter and clothing we can see ourselves as very blessed. For it is not the money which is important it is how we remember the reason for the season. Do you really understand the reason behind the season? Tim Tebow does.

When you begin to take control of your own mind you create the effect of peace and harmony within yourself. You cannot control others but you can control yourself and your own thinking and I challenge you to do so.

Yes many of us are poor, but we are poor in money only, we are rich in spirit and happiness, but only if we choose to be. Each of us can choose our own cause which determines the effect we want to achieve. We can choose our cause foolishly, like wearing a polka-dotted shirt to work, or wisely like taking responsibility for our actions. Whatever cause we initiate determines a related effect. But a word of caution, time is not an issue; the cause we instigate today may not exhibit an effect for months or years. It’s just the way it is.

Cause and effect is a powerful weapon against the forces that would deprive of us a full and wonderful life. Learn to use this weapon to your advantage, just as I am learning to do so. Because like me, you may find it to be a life changing element.