The Letter – Concluded

The Letter – Concluded

This is the continuation of the letter I wrote to me a few months ago…


Each man or woman must determine their own fate and sail in the direction they choose, and I have chosen the path I now want to travel.

I don’t have a lot of money in fact I live from payday-to-payday. With so much month left at the end of the money it frustrates me to the point of panic. Yet I have been more terrified of making a lot of money and only lately I realize that being rich is not a sin but a virtue. I still have a lot of work to do in this section of my life, but I find myself coming around. I am finally beginning to comprehend that having a lot of money can be helpful to others and not the evil I have been taught. And I am learning this lesson by helping others when and how I can.

Other men feel that to help others is beneath them, they look down on those that have little, and they see only failures. But I, I see myself in others. I see potential in others even when they cannot see it in themselves. But I am limited in what I can do, so I encourage me, regardless of how little I feel I can do, to do as much as I can with what I have. Never fail to help others be it in a smile, words of encouragement, or physical effort. I have the ability to assist and when I do I am never aware of what seeds I may be planting. And planting seeds I am, seeds which will help me grow into a much better man.

In the shower this morning I went over many items I wanted to express in this letter, but time has let those ideas go. I knew they would and I accepted that fact. The words I expressed to myself this morning may not be written down but they were an inspiration to me, for me. These words of inspiration was transmitted to my subconscious and shall, in the future, help me. Even if I cannot see it now, that self-talk had power, power because I believed it, power because the words were true.

This is why the path is different this time. I have decided not to live down to my expectations and allow my command line to lead. I read, I study, I listen to tapes, and I absorb information better now than I ever did in the past. Why? Because I opened my mind and confronted my fears, especially the fear of being rich. The actions I am taking now are stronger than any action I ever took in the past, and my attitude is the reason why. When I changed my attitude I began to change my life.

As I said I’ve been down this path before, so many times before, so I have to query myself: Will I turn back this time? When I reach the abyss, the gorge that separates me from my goals, will I look down into the depths and shiver in fear, or will I take the leap, the leap of faith?

Remember the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? Remember the scene when Indiana was faced with the massive chasm and he wondered how he was going to cross it? What drove him to continue? What made Indiana Jones take the “leap of faith?”

His father was dying and he needed to save him. He took the leap and discovered a “path” hidden, camouflaged into the rocks surrounding it. He stepped out and landed on the “path” which allowed him to cross. I submit to me that when I reach the precipice of my own life I take the leap, the leap of faith. For only when I venture into the unknown can I make great discoveries. Others have taken the leap before me and they made it, why not me? Why am I holding myself back? And make no mistake about it; it is I and I alone that holds’ me back.

I am a good man and I deserve to be happy and live a life of fulfillment. For sixty years I have not lived up to my full potential, which puts me in the same boat as the majority of humanity. And it’s a crowded boat. Shouldn’t I get my own boat, perhaps a yacht? I encourage me to leave the crowd, discard the mind of mediocrity and become the man I know I am capable of becoming. When I do I will find myself living on a luxury yacht of my own choosing. That container of gold at the end of my rainbow will be so full it will last me till the end of my days.

I know how I feel about the possibility of being rich and I have doubts about it. Why should I be rich? For the answer to that question I refer me to the writings of Wallace Wattle and The Science of Getting Rich. He makes some valid points into the reason I should be rich, why every man and woman should be rich. The bottom line is God wants me to be rich. Politicians don’t, but God does. So who will I believe, lying, corrupt politicians or the God that created the universe?

As I approach the end of this letter I implore myself to continue exploring the depths of my mind, to pull out situations and memories and face them head on. Continue to determine and isolate those particular items that are holding me back. I have sixty years of memories to shift through but even so the way I am going, I will overcome the roadblocks I have placed in my path. And make no mistake, I put them there, I can remove them.

Constantly have faith that I will achieve my goals, but without action I might as well be blowing in the wind. Study, faith, and action are the three requirements necessary to obtain any goal I set for myself. My job is to determine which actions are required and when. For this I need to study and make a plan. Then, when I have done all I can do both physically and mentally, have the faith and believe that what I want will happen. I cannot afford the luxury of doubt any longer. I am approaching the twilight of my years and now it is my time. Don’t waste precious moments on the past, I can’t change it, so learn from it and let it go.

There are many things I know I should say in this letter, things I thought about this morning but didn’t have the means to record. It’s kind of hard to write when I’m in the shower. Still I covered a lot of material in this letter and of course I still have the missives to write. Continue to write them, for God gave me a talent, the talent of the pen and to waste it is a sin.

Live large, live daily, and remember to always thank God, on a daily basis, for all the blessings, and the challenges He has bestowed upon me. Without Him I am nothing, with Him the only limitation I have is the universe.



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