Stealing from the Poor

People who make excuses cause all of the world’s woes, or make them worse.
— Bill Purdin

The following text is from the “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattle. Written over a hundred years ago this little book is more important than ever. I added the word “she” because this topic effects both male and female.

WHATEVER MAY BE SAID IN PRAISE OF POVERTY, the fact remains that it is not possible to live a really complete or successful life unless one is rich. No one can rise to his/her greatest possible height in talent or soul development unless he/she has plenty of money, for to unfold the soul and to develop talent he/she must have many things to use, and he/she cannot have these things unless he has money to buy them with.

This first paragraph of this little book is a critical element for each of us. Today we hear how bad the rich are and that they stole the wealth of the country by stealing from the poor. What a bunch of hogwash! If anybody stole anything it is the liberals/progressives who stole your happiness and your future. You see those people who tell you how evil the rich are, are themselves filthy, and I mean filthy, worth millions of dollars, rich.

So what gives these idiots the right to tell you, you cannot be rich? What makes them so special? What gives them, these progressives/liberals, the right to deny you total happiness?

The answer is simple: They want to control every moment of your life. We use to call it slavery, now we call “compassion.” Well if this is compassion these morons can keep it.

Another quote which is very important:

A person’s right to life means his right to have the free and unrestricted use of all the things which may be necessary to his fullest mental, spiritual, and physical unfoldment; or, in other words, his right to be rich.”

Why should we settle for less than we are capable of earning? Who determines how much money we can make in our life? Who sets the limits for us? Why do we let some stranger tell us how much money we can and cannot make? And then why do we allow the government con-artist to steal the money we do make?

The answer to all the above questions is simple: The politicians of today, supported by the mainstream media dictate, by decree how much any person can earn in his or her lifetime. To accomplish this control means a demon has to be created and that demon is known by the name: Success.

To be successful in this country, today, under this regime, with this mainstream media is evil and unforgivable. So how do they get away with it? Simple, they use the tools of social engineering, backed by decades of illiterate learning, and the undermining of self-respect and self-reliance.

Getting wealthy is NOT an easy task for if it were everybody would be rich. I’m not wealthy, not by a long shot but that doesn’t mean I hate the rich. In fact just the opposite – I admire those who created wealth. No what makes me mad about the rich is their two-face hypocrisy. At least some of them. Warren Buffet comes to mind.

Instead of encouraging others to become self-sufficient and rich they side with the forces who are determined to destroy individual wealth. Why? Because they have all their money and they won’t lose it. You on the other hand have nothing, therefore you deserve only what the government says you should have.

This double-standard is the true evil among the wealthy. Hollywood elites are at the top of this list. As long as you have nothing they are happy. Because it is not your place to be rich, after all being wealthy is evil, unless you are the Hollywood elitists, of the correct political flavor, or a friend of the regime.

It is said, and supported by the mainstream media that the rich stole this land and they had slaves therefore the rich must pay for their sins. Well if the rich must pay why do the Hollywood elites, and the union bosses, plus the wealthy progressives, why don’t they lead by example and give up their money?

Nope. Not the way it works. You must remain poor so they can be rich. You must live on what the compassionate government gives you, and when you do you will be happy.

Free Obamaphones and widescreen televisions is the stuff dreams are made of, and as long as you vote for the correct politician you will receive all the freebies. How? The government will take from the producers and give to the freeloaders. It’s that simple and these freebies is what makes you happy. You have been told this over and over by the mainstream media, who received their Doctorate in Brainwashing directly from the Communist Chinese.

The idea the rich steals from the poor is not new. As far back as 1765, when the country was run by England, this idea was floated and in those days the statement was true. All the wealth went to the King of England and that wealth came from the working poor.

But then something happened, a little thing called the Revolution and everything changed. No longer did the working poor have to give everything they earned to the King but rather they kept their own money. A new method was devised upon which the concept of capitalism was conceived. A simple notion really, capitalism is: You keep what you earn.

For 200 years this concept worked. People kept the money they earned, giving a small portion to the government for the general welfare, which benefited all.

Fast forward to today where the government is out of control. But I can’t say the government as our form of government is the greatest the world has ever seen. No what is out of control is the con-artist who, the low-informed voters, returned to office. These con-men and women have one thing on their mind: Keeping their seat of power.

Power to a politician is everything. Without power a political entity is nothing. Absolute power corrupts and as the federal government got bigger and bigger the power to control everyone became an edict. Hence we have a runaway spending problem and a divided country.

As you read these words you have decision to make: To be free and rich or to be a slave and poor.

I cannot say it any clearer than that for those are your only two options. Not everybody will become rich or have a lot of money and it isn’t because there is not enough to go around. On the contrary it is because the individual does not have the desire to raise themselves from the poverty level.

I have never been poor, I have been, and I am broke but never poor. And maybe because I have never been poor I have never had to face the day-to-day struggle of survival. So I never realized just how fortunate each of us are to live in this country. Even with all the forces of liberalism against us each of us are still capable of creating a very good, if not great life for ourselves.

The world will never run out of resources as this planet is capable of recycling everything. True it takes a long time but this planet is alive and well. We are not destroying the planet but planet can easily destroy us.

Being stewards of the land we should respect it but never at the cost of human destruction. God meant for this planet to be used by mankind which is why He turned it into a huge recycling machine. Including the desire for man to be rich.

We are not meant to live in poverty but rather to become the best we can be in our lifetime. Those individuals who do not learn this lesson are condemning their life to an existence of squalor. And it is done by choice, individual choice.

Yes I want a better life for my family and myself. So yes I am selfish in that regard. But I can never have that life unless I do something to help you get a better life. The only way I know how to accomplish that task is to write these words and encourage you to become something better. You are worth the effort, the effort to make your life better, stronger, and far more productive.

But to do this you need to take responsibility for your life, every aspect of your life. This is not easy but it can be done. Once you assume responsibility for your life you have taken the first step towards a much better life.

Easy? No. Can you turn your situation around? Yes. How long will it take? Unknown. I have been doing this, writing these blogs and working on the website for almost two years now and I have nothing to show for it. Not one penny of income.

Yet my life has changed in so many ways in these two short years. All the mistakes I made in the past haunt me to this day. Yes I have learned from them yet I am paying a very high price for my past stupidity. I cannot change the past but I can manipulate the future by working in the present.

I encourage you to find the desire to be rich, or at least very well off. You can do it just as long as you quit listening to those “experts” who will always tell you, being rich is evil and therefore you must remain poor.

Think about it.