Rich or Poor, Freedom or Slavery, Your Choice

You are not here merely to make a living. You are here to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, and with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world. You impoverish yourself if you forget this errand. — Woodrow Wilson

 The question becomes: why is it evil to be rich? It also becomes: why is it evil to want to be rich?

Until very recently, the last few years in fact, we have always admired and respected those individuals who had “made it” to the top. Somewhere along the way the message that it’s ok to be rich got tangled with the message that money is evil and those who have money are stealing from the poor. This is an argument that has absolutely no merit, in this lifetime or any lifetime. So the question we have to ask ourselves is where did this nonsense come from? And to answer that you need look no further than your average politician, especially a liberal or Democrat.

The late, Earl Nightingale spent nearly his whole life researching what is known as the “Essence of Success”. He is known as one of the greatest success philosophers and storytellers that have ever lived. This rare book of short stories teaches you how to develop an excellent attitude, enhance your self-esteem, foster your leadership skills, set and achieve goals, and harness your personal growth.

Class warfare is a technique practiced by politicians who have a lust for power, the power to control the lives of others. For decades politicians have learned how to lie with such finesse that the truth, the real truth becomes the lie and the lie the truth. In addition this type of lying has been echoed and reinforced by the Benedict Arnolds of our time (formerly known as the main stream media), who show no consideration of the ramifications their actions can produce.

In addition to playing the class warfare card these politicians generally blame the Republican/ Conservative base for the mess they themselves fashioned and created. And like the dedicated mindless robots they are, the B.A.s (Benedict Arnold’s) repeat the lies 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This latest drumbeat of attacking those who have money is not only sickening it is totally un-American. This type of attack destroys initiative, stifles creativity, and discourages individualism, all in the name of compassion. Compassion for whom?

I submit that the politicians and “journalist” who engage in this activity is doing it for their own gratification and craving to control. They could care less about you or your problems. All they want is your allegiance and they will say, blame, and do anything to obtain it. And 50 percent of this country will believe their propaganda.

But what about you? If you are reading these words it means that you have a mind of your own, that you are a thinking individual, not a mindless machine. I submit to you that it is your duty, your responsibility to become rich. Why? Because if you become rich you can help others do the same and if enough people become financially secure the politicians lose their power over you. And that is something most politicians can never allow to happen.

While Democrats are notorious for playing class warfare the established Republican politicians are not any better than and just as guilty as the Democrats. These politicians have been in power for so long they forgot they work for us and not the other way around. It is your job, and mine, to remind them of this fact, and we accomplish this by voting them out of office whenever possible. Unfortunately this is easier said than done. The lies have been so engrained in the American experiment that the real truth sounds like a lie. Yet you and I have the power to change it all and you do this by making yourself a better person, becoming rich, and living up to your own potential.

So the question is:

What is the truth?

The basic answer is:

Individual accountability.

Once you realize just how powerful you are your life will never be the same again. One voice, one article, one individual can change things for the better. It is not easy; it never is as the voices of deceit are so prevalent that the truth can almost never be heard. But it is not impossible. If you believe in yourself, and your individualism, the truth will be heard, and yours can be the one voice that changes everything.

Discover how to develop the critical skill of resiliency — the defining trait of winners, according to Denis Waitley — and empower yourself to bounce back from any challenge and rebound with more force and determination than ever.

Today the voices of “compassion” are telling us that we need them in order to be happy. We need the politicians to catch us when we fall. We need government to guide us, feed us, clothe us, and raise our children. Without government we are failures, and through their selfless benevolence the bureaucratic entities force us to be equal so we can be happy. My question is equal to whom? And why do I want to be equal? What if I want to be rich? In the eyes of the politician this is completely prohibited.

The reality is equality equals despair and misery. It is true that sometimes equality is good like when a man and a woman do exactly the same job, all things being equal; they should receive the same respect and pay. But what if the woman is better than the man? Why should the man get more money if she is better? The answer resides in the way life is structured, with insecure men dominating the playing field. This too can be attributed to politicians and their agenda.

Politicians play such a huge role in our lives we have come to believe that we need them, which in itself is a blatant lie. Yet their egos and arrogance knows no bounds and they, like rapist, force themselves upon the American population. This forced rape of American values strips people of their dignity and self-respect. And the Benedict Arnolds (formerly known as the main stream media) applaud this behavior, as long as the politician doing the raping is of the correct flavor, read that liberal and/or Democrat.

You deserve more than the leaders of this country are allowing you to have. It is not the place of the current leadership to tell you, force you to buy something (Obamacare), or steal your money (IRS), or force you to retire (Social Security). And why does government deny you the right to exist (abortion)? Why does a government entity prohibit you from saying Merry Christmas? Why does a government unit destroy your right to worship or say a prayer at a school football game? Why does a government creature tell you, you can’t be rich? And what gives a politician the right to steal elections?

You and I have the right to fair and honest elections. You and I have the right to be rich. You and I have the right to a great life. You and I have the right to choose how to spend our own money. You and I have the right to worship and say a prayer, anywhere at any time. You and I have the right to choose what foods we want to eat. You and I have the right to see the doctor of our choice. You and I have the right to select health insurance of our own choosing. You and I have the right to improve ourselves. You and I have the right to protect ourselves. You and I have the right to surf the internet without fear of government dominance and reprisal. You and I have the right to express our opinions without the fear of being incarcerated for what we speak. You and I have the right to fly the American flag without fear of eviction. You and I have the right to disagree with political policies without being called racist or worse. We have the right to pursue a life free of fear from our own government. If our eight year old child wants to put up a lemonade stand why should we have to worry about a government official threatening that child with jail for not having a permit? And we have the absolute right to a moral and just military who protects and defends us without having it turned into a social experiment just so the “compassionate” among us can feel good about themselves.

We have the right to be Americans and embrace American values and traditions without being harassed and ridiculed by “elites” who believe they know how we should live our life and thus enforce their values on the rest of us. And if we don’t live by “their standards” we are evil, repulsive, racist, ignorant, and un-American. So be it, for I have discovered “their values” for the American dream is to protect child molesters, murderers, tyrants, dictators, enforce income distribution, destroy initiative, regulate everything and support immoral and barbarian behavior. So I inquire of you, what type of values do you embody?

The choice to be rich or poor should be ours and ours alone, and not left to some government bureaucrat. This earth has bounty, unlimited bounty, and it is ours to use. Yet our elected leadership places limitations on each of us and forbids us the opportunity to use it. Government controls us with rules and regulations designed to keep us in fear, and if we color outside the lines this same government punish us with jail, fines and liens. Why? What are these politicians afraid of?

This is the greatest country, with the greatest form of government, on the face of planet Earth but our current elected leadership is turning it into a fourth-rate nation. Why? For the simple reason of keeping themselves in a position of prominence and power. It’s no more complicated than that.

But you, the individual, are a powerful entity, a voice that has the power to take our country back from those who embrace the “compassion” currently suffocating it. You have the power to be rich and happy if you want. But most of all you have the power to limit the domination of a runaway government with your vote. The question is, will you use your power or will you turn your back on yourself?