Our Worthless Congress

The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets. — Will Rogers

Since February I have been threatening to write another blog, but I let life get in the way. Or maybe it was just apathy. Sometimes I just get confused, like members of Congress.

Anyway I used my health as an excuse for February and March, but it was just an excuse. After that I just never wrote. Which is my loss and my fault. But unlike Congress I own up to my undesire to excel.

So, why is it that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak? Why don’t we do the things we know we should do, even the things we want to do… but don’t. What keeps us down? What keeps us unmotivated? Why are we afraid to take some action which will improve our life?

Right now I am sitting in 95 degree heat writing this, with fans blowing trying to stay cool. Why am I sitting here? Because this is where my computer is located at, and my computer is where I need to write my words.

So I am hot, I am tired, and I am unmotivated. Yet here I sit, here I write, but you know something – it feels good, miserable but good.

So why am I telling you this? Because I have taken my experience and applied it to the latest goings-on in Congress. If I cannot motivate myself to write some simple words how can I expect Congress to pass meaningful legislation? Then I realize the two issues are not even closely related. I am unmotivated, Congress is just plain terrified – terrified of the main stream media, terrified of democrats, but most of all terrified that Donald Trump will succeed and become a very great President.

It is this last point, a Trump success, which scares everyone in the Beltway the most. When he succeeds he will have proven just how worthless the current crop of politicians are, and that they cannot allow. After all their main duty is to get re-elected, not help the country, not help the people, just get re-elected, for that is all that matters. And the members of this club prove every day this to be the case.

However I think something is about ready to break loose, and when it does the current crop of Congress critters will be crying all the way to the cesspool, as they look at their pink slips. That something will be November 2018.

Now I want to change direction, not much, just a little, because this next point really illustrates the reason Congress acts the way they do. It is a point made by the great Rush Limbaugh; one which I believe really is true, as it is proven more and more every day.

Rush believes, and I concur, that Congress does nothing the main stream media does not want them to do. This includes all parties, republican, democrat, snowflakes, all of ‘em. If the MSM says jump, the Congress critters only question is: How high?

Think about this for a moment: The MSM (New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC etc., etc., etc.) instructs Congress on daily basis. The basic fact is: Congress takes their marching orders from the MSM. Republicans, Democrats, snowflakes, all of them are told what to do, where to go, what to wear, what to eat, who to talk to, when to brush their teeth, when to go to bed, in fact the members of Congress cannot do anything without the permission of the main stream media.

The more I look at what is happening the more I believe this to be true. How else do you explain the cowardice of the republicans? Yes the republicans love high taxes, probably more than the democrats. Yes the democrats love to control lives and tell you how to live. And yes the main stream media is behind all of it.

So who loses with this cozy relationship? We do, we the people who make this country work. We the people who go to work every day, who love our family, who do the dishes and carry out the trash, we the real Americans, the forgotten individual.

You think you have freedom, and you do (wink, wink, nod, nod). You, the individual, have nothing because the main stream media will not permit the politicians to ensure freedom. This is the way it is and shall always be. So demands the main stream media.

But something happened in November 2016: A little thing called an election. A man won who was not supposed to win, and the main stream media has not been the same since.

I will not bore you with what you already know, nor will I insult your intelligence the way the main stream media does every day. Instead I want to get back on track and discuss how the politicians are the puppets and that is why nothing is getting done. The Congressional critters cannot allow the President to succeed; hence they are doing everything possible to ensure he doesn’t. But… that is not working out so well for politicians and their masters, hence the MSM is going crazy. They cannot understand how Donald Trump is surviving this entire onslaught. Nor will they ever understand the relationship the President has with the people of the country.

And to that I say: Good. The more we can drive the MSM insane the better. Yet this tactic comes with danger. The MSM is not going to go away, they will fight and as things are going now, they may win this battle. Yes you read right: They may win the battle… but they won’t win the war.

If the MSM succeeds at driving Donald Trump out of office they will be responsible for destroying the country, and I don’t think the people will stand for it.

I believe a battle looms on the horizon, a very dangerous battle. At the very best the precedent will be set for the main stream media to remove a sitting President anytime they want. At the very worse: Civil War. Either scenario does not have a positive outcome for anyone.

What will happen I do not know but if the main stream media is allowed to win this battle the possibility for national destruction is enormous. I hear you saying it won’t get this far, and I pray you are correct. But what if it does? What side of the line will you come down on? Where will you plant your flag and what color will it be? Will your flag be rainbow or will it be the Stars and Stripes?

Questions to think about, but not dread over. That day has not arrived, and I pray it never will. We have one major election before that day comes, if it comes, the mid-term election of 2018. It is this time you will either vote to remove the barriers, also known as elites, RINOs, and democrats, or keep them and face the possibility of who knows what.

I say remove the RINOs and democrats from office and replace them with people who have never held office before, for only in this way can we drain the swamp and clean out the sewer.

Only you, me, and our vote can make the difference. Think about it. And while you’re at it think about the future of your family for they, and their future, depends upon the power of your vote. Don’t let them down.

Oh by the way: The small d and small r in this blog is intentional. I have no respect for any of them. But that is just me.

Till next time,