My Cause, My Results

Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I can’t remember a Christmas that has been as hard as this one. It seems like my entire state of affairs is going down in flames. Money is extremely tight, we have been hit with expenses we didn’t expect, and I haven’t even purchased one Christmas gift yet. And I probably won’t.

Like millions of others this holiday season my merriment is not. While I can, and I want to blame much of my situation on the policies of government, I can’t, not this time. No, the only person to really blame for my situation is me and me alone. My situation is a recipient of a powerful universal law, one that has changed the face of the world many times over.

Richard Carlson, author of the runaway best sellers Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff and Don’t Worry, Make Money, has brought his acclaimed brand of simple yet remarkable wisdom…

The universe is a huge and wondrous place, filled with mystery and intrigue. Yet it is orderly and maintains a graceful symmetry to it. It also has one more thing: a set of laws, laws that rule every aspect of our existence. The most powerful of these laws is called the Law of Cause and Effect. Basically it states:

There is a reason for everything that happens.

In other words the law says that for everything you see, touch, and sense there is a specific reason for it. If you sit in a chair there was a specific “cause” that chair is in existence. If you go into a building, there was a specific reason, or cause, that building exist. If you drive a car somebody has a precise and unique reason to develop and build that particular style of automobile.

We don’t need to fully understand the cause behind the effect, even though it would be helpful, however we will always see the results of the cause. The universe is a prime example. We don’t know why the universe exists, but we witness the splendor of it every day. The stars, the sun, the moon are all a result of the universe, with the why it exists still remaining a complete mystery.

In our physical world the universe still works its magic by applying its laws to our lives. The sad fact is many of us don’t understand how the laws affect us, or that the laws themselves exist. Unlike a parking or speeding ticket universal laws are not readily apparent to humans, in fact they keep such a low profile we never even consider them. But these laws are extremely powerful and affect our daily lives with every breath we take.

We make a decision we apply a universal law. We don’t make a decision we apply a universal law. We ignore a decision we apply a universal law. The laws are always working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And they never take a break.

While there are many universal laws the Law of Cause and Effect is the primary law that determines your future and your life. Every action that you take or don’t take will have a specific outcome. Because I finally realized just how powerful the law is I decided I need it to work for me instead of against me. Once I realized that there is a specific reason for everything I took the law and modified it for me. I added a phrase to the original law so that it reads:

There is a reason for everything that happens. Actions or lack of have consequences.

If I make a decision, or don’t make a decision I will have a specific consequence happen to me. If I pay a bill the law states that I will receive a specific consequence, one that is favorable to me. If I don’t pay a bill the law states that I will receive a specific consequence, one that is unfavorable to me.

It took me a lifetime to realize just how powerful and potent this law can be. This law alone has been responsible for skyscrapers, space travel, passenger jets, automobiles, television, movies, symphonies, operas, NASCAR, Rush Limbaugh, Obama, taxes, unemployment, the Titanic, and every other aspect of our lives. Life cannot exist without this law. It’s as simple as that.

While this law affects major corporations, nations, governments, and politicians, it also affects every individual on the planet Earth. It is a true neutral law meaning that it can be applied for both good and bad activities. It is up to the individual to determine how it is used, which also means the individual will be the recipient of the laws’ results.

This is the powerful question that begins CREATING YOUR ULTIMATE DESTINY. And CREATING YOUR ULTIMATE DESTINY is the powerful force that will guide you to design and live a truly extraordinary life.

When I realized the power behind the law I began to reinforce the law into my psyche on a daily basis. I repeat the law several times a day, every day. I not only repeat it I write it down at least once a day, generally in the morning so as to inspire me for the day to come. But there was still something missing, at least for me. As I thought about it I came up with another phase to add to the existing one, and for me personally, this makes the law complete. My final version reads:

There is a reason for everything that happens. Actions or lack of have consequences. Therefore I must engage in activities that create and produce positive consequences for me.

I have made a lot of poor decisions in my life, and those decisions have come back to haunt me today. But I am in the process of changing all that. While I am suffering from my own stupidity and lack of belief in the universal laws, I am now on the road to creating positive decisions and engaging in activities which will produce positive effects for me. And therein lies the final piece of the law, and it is a big one.

There will be specific consequences for any decision or activity you engage in, but nowhere, absolutely nowhere is it determined when these consequences will occur. It could be minutes, hours, days, months or even years before you see any type of result from your action. I think this is why many people don’t believe in the laws because they can’t see immediate results.

We live in a “gotta have it now” environment what with all mysteries being solved in an hour or less, instant communication, and instant gratification. But the universe doesn’t work this way, the universe has its own timeline and will dispense the appropriate consequence when the universe wants, not the individual. We must understand that we operate on the timeline the universe sets and not vice-versa. In fact the more we demand from the universe the more the universe denies us. And that brings us to other laws, laws that work in harmony with the Law of Cause and Effect. But I will save those laws for another post.

Yeah I’m having a miserable Christmas this year because I engaged in activities that is hurting me instead of helping me. It will take time to reverse this effect but reverse it I am; it’s just a matter of time. Universal time.