At the Mercy of…

At the Mercy of…

Do for yourself or do without – Gaylord Perry

Do you feel like you are being manipulated, controlled, and told what to believe and what not to believe? Join the club. So, what is the truth? What is the lie? Can I trust the main stream media? Who can I trust? Why are gas prices so high? Why am I unemployed? Why is my life in the toilet? Why is my country in the toilet? Why do I feel like crap?

These and a million other questions like them plague each of us every day. I know each of us wonder what is happening to our country even though we pretend not to notice by simply disregarding what is happening. Many of us prefer to disappear into a fantasy world then put our heads in the sand and stick our ass in the air waiting for it to get shot off, all the while pretending we are safe and secure inside our own little make believe world.

Consider the following:

The 47 Percent. Half of this country doesn’t give a damn, or at least that is the way it appears. However I disagree with this number as I believe it to be smaller, much smaller. So exactly what is this 47 percent number we keep hearing about?

If you listen to the media, if you believe the media this number represents the number of Obama supporters, those who will vote for him in the coming election. This number represents how many people are on the government dole and don’t want to change the status quo. This number represents the number of voters who will give and say anything to protect the Democrats and President Obama all so they can get something for nothing. I don’t believe it.

I do not discount the number of people receiving money from the government, because I myself get money from the government. I have a small military pension and my wife is on social security. Therefore we are part of the 47 percent according to the elitist and main stream media. Does that mean I’m going to vote Democrat in the next election? Hardly.

I admit I am not happy with my choices this election. The elitist Republicans choose the nominee and their choice was supported by the main stream media and Democrats. Choosing Romney was the person the Democrats felt they can defeat the easiest.

What gets me is according to this number it means that for every person working they support a free loader as well as their own family. So I ask, what is fair about that? Moving on.

Consider Herman Cain. Here is a black conservative and a man who had to be destroyed because he was on equal footing with the current President. This caused a problem for the main stream media, two black men running for office, how in the hell could they call racism if both were black? No, one needed to be white in order to place the candidate at their mercy, after all everybody knows all white people are racist.

What about a white woman? This was much easier for the MSM to handle but still caused a problem for them. Attacking a woman was not in their best interest if she was the candidate. This didn’t stop them from attacking Sarah Palin but Sarah was the VP not the main candidate. McCain could be attacked easily and by extension Sarah. But a primary Presidential candidate… eh… not so much, and not so easily. Hence any and all female candidates had to be taken out and destroying individuals is what the MSM excels at.

It was a fair race people will say, to which I respond was it? The establishment type Republicans cannot and will not tolerate a conservative candidate. Why? Because the establishment type Republicans want to maintain the status quo, to keep their power and ensure your reliance upon government handouts. To do that the establishment type Republicans must also encourage the 47 percent to rely upon government in order to maintain their status. Thus we are at the mercy of a few individuals who don’t believe in self-reliance but rather government intervention.

I don’t trust Mitt Romney. I will vote for him but I don’t completely trust him. He is a Republican establishment type who supports big government over individual freedom. His selection of Paul Ryan was a good one so maybe there is hope for freedom, yet that issue remains to be seen. He may be changing but this remains to be seen. So I will give him a chance, but only four years of a chance.

I know it is easy for us to backseat quarterback but there are some issues which are simple and no-brainers. It seems the establishment type Republicans cannot tell the difference between genuine freedom and slavery, a point they prove every day.

Some of the so-called conservative news media is the same. I cannot, I will not trust them. These news types seem to favor liberal policies over self-reliance as well. This too is evident by their writings and desires to see themselves on all the news shows. Fortunately this is not true for the majority of the conservative news, but sometimes it is hard to tell the difference.

I know we need government to function in this country. This is why the founding fathers created the Bill of Rights, to allow the government to function but at the same time be constrained and since the beginning of this country this arrangement has worked. However some politicians decided the Constitution was too confining and needed to be “replaced” with a document more lenient and to their liking. Thus began the great conversion from freedom to enslavement. Slowly at first, ever so slowly, small changes backed up by emotion and sold to the population as necessary to help those who could not help themselves.

A great and noble gesture to be sure, but one that destroyed ones freedom in order to enhance the power of a politician. So it was for over 60 years, one small change after another, and all for the benefit of the politician. The people be damned!

It’s for the Children.

Every time I hear this phrase I know the politicians are going to steal more of my money. I know the extra money is going somewhere else and it will never get to the children. Yet year after year we hear “It’s for the children” and year after year the idiots, known as voters, approved the tax increase. The same is true this year in California with Prop 30, to increase California taxes, again.

Why? Where is all the money? Political stealing is alive and well at all levels of government and again the people be damned. But it’s for the children and thus we are again at the mercy of thieves.

Global Warming.

Global scam you mean. Take away the tax money and what will happen? The entire scam would fall apart but as long as politicians support the scam it lives to be a burden upon individual freedom. I am the first to admit that the climate is changing; I have no doubt about that. What I don’t agree with is the claim that humans are causing the damage.

This earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old and we have only been keeping accurate records for maybe 150 years, if that long. Look at the number:

4,500,000,000 verses 150

Which is larger? You do the math. We have no idea what the climate patterns are for this planet and to say that we do is the height of arrogance and stupidity. But, we find ourselves at the mercy of politicians, quack science and the IRS.

Government Policies.

Government policies are designed to make you dependent upon the “generosity and compassion” of a politician and government entity. How many times have we heard only government knows best, they know how to live our life much better than we do, hence we need to trust government, to rely upon a government entity and to pledge ourselves to supporting our President. Otherwise we might find ourselves at the mercy of accountability and self-reliance. This is something most politicians cannot allow to happen but that damn voting gets in the way so this institution of giving the power to the people must be destroyed. Enter voter fraud.

Notice how whenever a state tries to prevent voter fraud the federal government sues the state. Why is that? Maybe it’s because giving power to the people goes against current government policies, policies designed to enslave and control rather than encourage freedom and self-reliance.

We, the people of this country are at the mercy of politicians whose only goal is to enslave us. I cannot put it any simpler than that. Redistribution of wealth, take from those who worked their ass off and give to a no-good bum, is not what this country is all about. But it is now. How many idiots, and I use that word strongly, believe in destroying wealth? A lot, of that I am sure. So when was the last time a poor person gave you a job?

In less than 100 days, from the time of this post, we will be, the people as a whole, will be facing the most destructive element this nation has ever faced: more taxation and this time with representation. For it was our elected leaders who chose to increase our burden of paying more taxes in order to make themselves feel good. And they call it compassion.

So where are we at:

We pledge allegiance to a President, a President! Never in the history of this country has that ever happened! And we the people permit it.

We vote for the very same crooks that sweet-talk us into voting for them again. They tell us they can solve the very problems they created and we believe it, so vote for me and send me back to Washington.

As a people we have forgotten what it is like to be free, to be American. Instead we are puppets at the mercy of a main stream media who hates this country and loves terrorist. For it is the MSM who props up the politician, the politician who lusts for power and control.

We believe the lies told by the government and MSM and never question them. When we do asks questions we become the targets of an out-of-control legal system whose primary job is now to shut us up and shut us down.

Freedom of speech is outlawed and now illegal. Period.

Christianity is the enemy and Islam is the savior. The savior of what?

The cross is considered the swastika of the modern world. The symbol of where Jesus died is now evil and Nazism is fully embraced. Again we permit it. We the voter.

We are constantly told how evil we are if we disagree with current political policies. We are racist if we disagree with our President. And we permit the main stream media to define us as such.

Conservatism is evil and must be eradicated from the face of the planet. Liberals know what is best for us so how dare we question their intentions and policies.

And I could go on and on but the bottom line is simple: We are at the mercy of evil, evil intentions, evil policies, evil men, and particularly an evil main stream media. For they have given up being the deliver of news and have instead chosen to embrace the liberal viewpoint and embrace the acceptance of slavery for all. But just as long as they are part of the master race.

Each of us must make a choice this election:

Freedom or Slavery

The bottom line is simple, you can stay at the mercy of politicians, believe the main stream media or you can take control of your life by taking responsibility for your life. The choice is yours. Choose wisely because you may not get another chance.


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