Angry and Just Plain Mad

Angry and Just Plain Mad

He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else. — Benjamin Franklin

Getting started on this post is difficult because I am so angry I can’t even see straight. I know what I want to say and say it I will. First and foremost I am totally and completely angry with me and my stupidity. Why I put up with me is beyond me. So let me elaborate somewhat.

I was a sailor and I spent money like a drunken one at that. Never once did I save a dime for the future and the good Lord knows I had plenty of opportunity to do so. And the worse part, I knew, I knew I was screwing myself later in life by not saving for the future. But what the hell… tomorrow is tomorrow so just spend, spend, and spend some more today. So I did. Now I am paying the price for that ignorance and stupidity.

But that was then and now is now. While I knew my spending habits were bad what I could not see, what I could not comprehend was a politician and a political organization so corrupt, so self-absorbed, and so lustful for power that the government itself would become a dangerous entity to the very foundation of freedom and prosperity.

Government regulations have become so invasive you cannot trust anyone or anything anymore, specifically businesses, banks, and other financial institutions. Forget the main stream media telling us the truth, those bastards will lie to protect an ideology and destroy anyone who disagrees with their philosophy of big government. Their hatred of America is unbridled and in full force for all to see. Thus they will do anything to protect the destructive forces which now run rampant and seek to destroy liberty in this country.

For at least six decades, 60 years, the liberals have slowly, methodically, and willfully destroyed the public education system in this country. Their policies and procedures have become so embedded in our schools and colleges that the truth is now the lie and the lie is now the truth. This deliberate action to ensure their power base is on full display but the people do not, nor will they ever see it. That is how successful the Democrats/liberals have been in brainwashing the minds of the people. The Chinese Communist taught the forces against liberty well.

But what about the Republicans? That’s another joke all by itself. The elitist, self-absorbed Republican is worse than their Democrat peer. At least I know where I stand with a Democrat but with a Republican elitist… one never knows.

We are forced to accept a nominee not of our choosing. We are told by the Republican establishment that compromise is good for us and the Democrats know best. We the people are constantly being lied to by all parties, and all politicians of every stripe, color, and creed. And I am sick of it.

Democrats want to destroy the country and the Republicans are the yellow-bellied cowards who let them. Thus there is no one to stop a politician from becoming a slave master and the people, slaves.

How do I know this? Over 11,000 pages of new government regulations within the last three years, over 16 trillion, TRILLION dollars in national debt, and there is no end in sight. This is a number so high the mind cannot accept it as reality. So we block it out and just continue our daily living only we find that our daily living is under assault from politicians, environmentalist, and bureaucrats alike. So all we can do is to throw up our hands in disgust and wonder what the hell happened.

What the hell happened was us, the individual. We are to blame for all this misery because we are the ones who voted, and continue to vote these tyrants into office. Oh these politicians have such a slick verbal communication, and they sell the snake oil very, very well. So well in fact we buy it without question and without reservation. Thus we screw ourselves in the process just like I shafted myself so many years ago. Will we never learn? Apparently not.

Did you know I can’t trust my bank? I use to but now with all the new government rules and regulations concerning banking, one little mistake on my part and the bank pounces, make that word attack, in every way possible. And all the banks and credit unions are the same. Why? Because the politicians know better than we do how to control our own money and to prove it they created worthless laws to “enlighten” us in the matter. Thus the banks, in order to protect themselves, turn around and… Let us just say the customer is the loser in all things.

Did you hear about the lawsuit concerning 9/11? Oh you didn’t hear about that one? Apparently the World Trade Center Properties is suing Logan Airport and the airlines for letting terrorist enter the jets and ramming the Twin Towers. So Logan Airport is to blame for 9/11? Really? Maybe there were some idiots on duty that day but what about the Federal Government? What about the first Twin Towers attack, does that not mean anything? Nope. You see politicians felt our pain and blaming terrorist for such an insidious act is just wrong. After all everyone knows the destruction of the towers was an inside job by President Bush. That rascally Bush, who knew.

And the headaches continue.

I feel my life is a jumbled upside down mess. Not only because of the way I sabotaged myself so many years ago but because I can’t seem to do anything right. At least that is the way it feels. There are days, like today, where I feel totally worthless and just pissed off! So I vent and here is where I am venting.

Two years ago I finally pulled my head out of my ass and decided I needed to do something with my life. So I began this website and this blog. I speak what I feel and while I try not to offend, but rather encourage, I find myself still in the same boat. I am doing something wrong and I do not know what it is. What I do know is politics and self-improvement are linked at the hip.

Today however I don’t care if I offend or not. There is too much happening in the world to turn a blind eye to. And our government, a government which is supposed to be for the people, of the people, and by the people, well our government has a new mantra: For the enemy, of the enemy, and by the enemy.

So not only am I fighting myself I am seeing my country go down in flames as well, politically speaking. Yet this should not surprise me in the least for the Bible says the devil will be set free upon the Earth for a period of time. And the liberals who currently run this nation, well they are living proof of this statement.

Yet I digress as there is nothing I can do to correct the current political situation. In November I can, but not so much today. What I can do, and what I must do is focus on me and my actions. Since I can’t stop a political idiot and a treasonous media from spewing lies and blaming Republicans for all the evils of the world, I can examine my actions and see where I can improve myself. All change begins with self and I must always remember that.

I forgot that point yesterday as I lashed out against the universe. I had an event happen in my life that caused me to cuss the powers that be, the powers of the universe which can reward or punish those who violate the laws of the universe. I was wrong in my actions.

The frustration level can run extremely high sometimes and it takes a great deal of effort to deal with it. This comes back to the point of responding to situations instead of reacting to them. Still the situation can get the best of you and you react instead of respond. That is what happened to me yesterday. It wasn’t cool but it was a human reaction.

So now what? In other words what is the point of this post?

In simple terms so that even I can understand: each of us is responsible for our actions. Unlike the politicians of this day, we must take total and complete responsibility for every aspect of our life. We cannot control what others do to us, but we can control ourselves. Politicians love to blame everyone but themselves and until we force our leaders to take responsibility for their stupidity this country will continue to suffer.

I got mad because I screwed up and I lashed out against the universe. It was not the universe who screwed me; it was me and me alone. I have come to grips with that fact now and I am working to correct the situation I placed myself in. So I have some questions for you:

Do you accept responsibility for your actions or do you blame someone else, like the politicians do?

Are you ready to change your life for the better? If you are how are you going to accomplish the change? What plan of action do you have?

Do you know the difference between wishing for a better life and working for one?

We only live once and once this life is gone it is gone. I wasted so many years on frills and nothings that today I have nothing of consequence. I have nothing except headaches and heartaches. I may be late coming to the dance, but now I am here and here is where I belong.


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